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Join in the +The Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt

It's on so be on the lookout for those 12-foot super bunnies delivering dreams, this weekend ;-)

Here's to you having an amazing weekend no matter where you are...

More details from +Clayton Condon on how to take part are below

+Clayton Condon - 13:06 (edited) - Public
+The Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt has officially begun! It is time to take part in the first ever Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt.

It does not matter what you believe in! What matters is that you deserve to have a fantastic time participating in the first ever Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt. To begin follow the simple steps listed below:

1.) Add the shared circle in this post to narrow down your search for the eggs.

2.) Using the hints provided ( search for the pre-selected 12 "Lucky Eggs" matching the hints.

3.) Submit your answers when you have completed the hunt via this form:

All participants will receive a group prize. The first three people to find all 12 people that match with the hints might receive another prize as well.

For More Info:

Circle the Official Page:

Sign up on Schemer:

Invites for Schemer:
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OK I never found the rest but I did find some amazing people
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