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Here's to you having an amazing weekend Part 2

I posted one photo by Ronny K of an amazing 1929/1930 Duesenberg speedster Boat Tail replica.

To set the tone for everyone to have an amazing weekend and then +Ethan Beck told me I should check out this Holden Efijy, an Australian car, so I did. Thank you +Ethan Beck

The Holden Efijy has amazing lines like the Duesenberg speedster that blend into one another.

Love the boat design on the back, that bring style to the front and back

This Holden Efijy was a 1953 two seater car that was over 15 feet long, with 650 horse

Check out #fourwheeledfriday +Four Wheeled Friday for more amazing auto's.

It's going to be an amazing weekend for you.

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Thank you for everyone's support and your photos/artwork/stories for the charity book that will raise money for your charity, our charity and fund those local projects that do make a difference.

We'll be releasing more details on the #Take2seconds project on April 22nd.
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thanks Trever, the Holden FJ was the '53 model, and if you look at photos of it then look at the Efijy which is an amazing modern concept car you can see the inspiration and the family lines. Imagine driving into Walmart in an Efijy! :)
This would make a great EV conversion.
+Ethan Beck You're totally right, it is a true inspiration between the two. Right now I'm still imagining just sitting in the car, going anywhere would be bonus :-) +Pete Clayworth it is a beautiful car, one that you want to enjoy every minute
the name is a weird, the car is superb! i did not know holden made anything except fire breathing V8 racers, definitely not such sexy beauties.. awesome shots! thanks for sharing with #fourwheeledfriday :)
this is AMAZING. Look at the design, the grill and not to forget the color!! It wouldn't fit on my driveway (sigh)
+anne-marie Janssen I'm sure your neighbors wouldn't mind you using their driveway, if you allowed them to use it once and awhile :-)
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