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Punctuated by periods of panic. :)
Nothing wrong with believing in facts.
One doesn't believe in facts.  Facts are...or they are not.  Gravity, photons, DNA do not require my "belief" in them for them to exist and work.
Of course you believe in facts. How else do you "think"? WTF?
The problem is semantic bullshit from the stupid conservatives. If you want to use exact vocabulary, that's fine.
Critical thinking and exact vocabulary is better than ad hominem attacks.
And yet I still believe those stubborn facts are true. That is the great thing about facts. It's easy to believe in them. It doesn't take any blind faith; I can believe in them with my eyes and mind wide open.
Then use it. That sort of thinking went out with the deconstructionist's journal. Oh GOD you're a sock puppet aren't you!  +Roger Glover +Trev Warth look at the profile.
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