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Tressa Green
Author of Summer of the Frogs and Fragile Bones
Author of Summer of the Frogs and Fragile Bones

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My old first gen iPod color about gave me a panic attack. As I got ready to snuggle under my electric blanket to finally get some work done today, I unlocked it and hit play as I docked it. Nothing. O.O!! It was very, very cold since I set it near the floor on a little shelf thing, so I cupped it in my hands and huffed on it, praying it'd come back to life.

Finally, the apple symbol showed up and it then told me it had a low battery. Which is weird because I pause and lock it every time I undock it in the mornings. Anyway, I quickly docked it and it started. Whew!!! I have ALL my playlists on that thing and I have to have my "sleepytime mix" on while I sleep.

I don't know what I'll do when my baby finally kicks it. We've been through a lot, including switching out a cracked screen. And I don't really have an interest in those fandangled new iPods. ;P

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This thermometer is in the house. Your eyes do not deceive you - it really does read 44*F. Just a wee bit chilly. And today is one of the milder days this week... it's supposed to be below 0 over the next few days. :( I'd give my pinky toe away for a furnace. If it doesn't freeze off by then. ><

I just did a Google search for what a stoma was to educate myself and saw some pretty graphic photos. Wow. Ouch!! I had no idea at all. :(

I'm attempting to wrap up The Fall of the Cicadas this week while I'm on a break from the bakery. I started on it, then sort of ran into a stall with some lost files. Nothing major, just would be nice to have the outside commentary while I went through the fix and fill.

So, I opened The Winter of the Birds while I'm waiting. I'm not sure if I should read back through the whole thing (it's been ages since I opened it) or just pick up from the last few pages and go from there. Or ignore that series for a few and work on Shattered Bones. What to do, what to do....

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Guess what?! :D HUGE thank you to my G+ Secret Santa for a shiny, pretty, working kitchen faucet. I love it very much. Plus, no more water spraying everywhere! :) Thank you, too, +James Green​ for installing it for me. 

Some of you may know that I keep a jar of "good things" over the course of the year. Pieces of paper where upon I write at least one good thing about the day. This year has been just as trying as the last if in a different way. So even though it's been sometimes very difficult to find one good thing about my day, I've done it. Every day.

This time last year, I was pulling my notes over the course of the year and posting them every hour until midnight. I'd planned on doing that again this year, except when we moved, I bagged up my papers to that point, got them over here and now I have no idea where they are. :/ I only have about a month or so of notes in my jar and that would be very boring and not very introspective of my 2014. I'm thinking they must be along my wall of piled junk here next to my bed, but I'm not sure I'm up to tearing into that pile just for a glimpse into my year of Good Things.

I will continue to do the Good Things jar into 2015. It's been a very good thing (heh) for me to do, even though I don't want to sometimes. It's a habit that has sometimes carried me through. I highly recommend the exercise for everyone. Every night before bed, meditate a moment over your day and write one good thing on a paper and put it in a jar. Even if, like me ofttimes, it's just something as simple as "I had a good cup of coffee."

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I hope everyone had a good Christmas. We had a modest Christmas before getting back to work moving crap.

Yes, we /still/ aren't completely out of the old house yet. We have two more weekends before we have to hand over the keys. I believe we only have one or two more loads at the most to get out.

The Mr and Boy2 went today while I was at work to finally get my bedroom furniture. It was one of the things I was stressing about. We'd never be able to replace it. I'm also very, very thankful the Mr got the pellet stove put in and working. No more freezing! He had to build a table for it because you can't just drill a hole into the side of a brick house. v.v It doesn't look the greatest, but it's functional.

Things are still very stressful... there is so much that weighs on me, I try not to complain or talk about it much because it seems like all I've done for the past several months is talk about all my troubles. It's tiresome. However, I will ask for good thoughts for my mom, though. She is not well and is going to have her second surgery in a week this coming Monday. She /has/ to get well. No option.

I've got a half a week at the bakery before they shut down for two weeks. It'll be a much needed break for me, (even though not having a paycheck will suck). I hope to get some small things done around the house and really buckle down writing stuff. Although right now, I just want to sleep the entire two weeks. A nice coma sounds wonderful.

I hope the new year is more mellow... I could do with lots less excitement. ><

1. Our little tree and the family's presents.
2. I got two Pusheen pillows. Squee!
3. And a teeny glass truck-stop kitty. The Mr got me a pink one last year... I hope he knows I expect one every year now. ^.^
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Mini photo spam post.
First... thank you to my +Secret Santa for the new bathroom trash can. The bathroom is starting to become more cohesive a bit at a time. I love it!

Second... Boy2's first litter of mice are getting so cute!! Even though their eyes aren't open yet, one of them was doing the 'clean my face' thing with its teeny little paws. I about died from cuteness.

Third... I was putting up another jar along the kitchen and thought this might make a neat photo. I'm about halfway around the room now with vintage and antique bottles and jars. I think it looks neat how it is, but it'll look really cool once the ceiling and walls are finished.
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Huge thank you to my G+ +Secret Santa! These are awesome and will work so much better than what we currently have been dealing with. I really appreciate it!

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This is a seriously cool blog.
Is there any difference between "give a shit" and "give a fuck"? Does the number matter?

Maybe. The latest post at Strong Language includes graphs and charts so you know it must be right. Or something... 
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