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"We make it EASY to sell online!"
"We make it EASY to sell online!"

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Time to Spring Clean your online store!
-Wipe off unnecessary files
-Sweep any broken links
-Disinfect from Spam Comments
-Polish your Top Content and Products
-Organize your Home Page for top speed

This is the best time to give your Online Store some attention and work on those things you've been neglecting. Get them done soon and reap the rewards with increased conversion rates.

Happy Selling and Happy 2018 Spring season!
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How is everyone's mobile store working out? Have you optimized it for the main mobile browsers and platforms? Remember to check your online store periodically on iOS and Android devices as regular updates to their browsers may break some functionality or layout in your store. Always start with clean and well structured code to prevent this from happening on the first place.

Happy selling!

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#Email Marketing continues to be an amazing driving force for recurring and new sales for your online store. Keep mining those lists of first names and emails! Hit your customers with relevant and fresh content on a regular basis and increase your traffic and brand awareness.

Also remember to track clicks from your email pieces. A great tool to do that is "Google URL Builder".

Need to start your Email #Marketing on a budget? Try MailChimp's FREE account and get going with your marketing efforts.

We would like to hear how that is working out for your business. Have you benefited from such efforts? What took you so long to get started?

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Need advise from the Community on how to improve your Online Store? Remember to post your questions here and get help from fellow online merchants like yourself!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Is your store ready for the Spring? "Spring Clean" your online store and get a fresh look for the new season.

Everyone likes landing on a store that looks up-to-date (including search engines). Take a look at your top landing pages and make it noticeable that you care to stay on top and relevant.

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Have you optimized your Checkout Page? Every link pointing out of the Checkout page is a small "leak" in your conversion funnel. Take a look at this example from Walmart. 

-Remove Navigation
-Remove Search box
-Emphasize Security
-Simplify your Footer
-Provide only the necessary information to complete the transaction

What do you plan to do to optimize your Checkout Page for the Holidays?

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Happy customers make us HAPPY! Saving money to our customers makes them happy! Happy, Happy, Happy… it's starting to sound like a song.
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And this is why all our customers get their ALT tags optimized before every launch. Basic #SEO #bestpractices
Help search engines and screen readers for the visually impaired understand images on your site. To do so, write helpful alt text in the HTML and also add descriptive text near the image on the page.
--> Learn to write good alt text:
--> Check out this helpful blog post "1000 Words About Images":

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Testing, testing, testing. We recommend adding this to your To-Do list at least 1x month. Here are a few things to test on a monthly basis in your Online Store:

-Home Page loading time (have you added to much stuff that's it's slowing it down? Consider what's truly necessary to lower your Bounce Rate).

-Checkout Process (add a few products to your cart and follow the Checkout process to identify any problems. Make sure to make a test purchase, this is crucial).

-Newsletter subscription (make sure you get all the steps covered).

-Mobile (check how your store is displaying on Tablets and Smartphones, don't take it for granted. Test your Checkout process using these devices as well).

-Security (Is your SSL Certificate expired? Are there any elements that are not loading because they are not complying with HTTPS? Are your visitors seeing any warning that could spook them?)

Feel free to add your items to this list. What kind of things do you consider important to check on a regular basis? Help your fellow Online Store Owners.

Happy selling!

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#bigcommerce  is getting ready to unveil a #betterbackend  in October of 2014. They created a new landing page for this. Their video really doesn't show much at this time and we wished it did. Take a look for yourselves and let us know what you think about this upgrades.
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