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Providing the best chiropractic care for the Allen, TX area.
Providing the best chiropractic care for the Allen, TX area.


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We Can Help With You Deal With Stress - #AllenTX Hello Allen, Texas! My name is Dr. Little DC, and if you live in or around Allen, I want to help you. As the number one chiropractor in Allen, I am familiar with all of the many problems that can be seen in the area and would like to help all of my friends, new and old, so that they can live their life without problems and health concerns. One of the concerns that I see frequently in my Allen office is stress.
Stress is not just a pain to deal with, but it can also cause aches and pains in the body, can interrupt life, disrupt sleep and keep you from eating. It can make other conditions worse and can even make you more susceptible to colds and the flu. It is important that not only the cause of the stress be addressed but the symptoms that it may cause as well. Stress can become a major part of your life if you let it, so do everything that you can to get it back under control.
I have been working with people who are dealing with stress at my office that is located at 309 S Jupiter Road, 75002. Whether your stress is caused by your job, family or any other reason, I am ready and willing to work with you on your stress. We can work together here in my Allen office, so that you can deal with your stress and prevent it from causing any serious health concerns. Stress is no fun to have in your life and should be taken care of before it becomes much worse.
Don’t let stress take away any of the fun in your life. Get a Free Consultation by calling (214) 390-6703 or clicking the link below

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Head Pain Doesn’t Have to Be Chronic - #AllenTX Have you been experiencing head pain, such as migraine headaches? Is this pain disrupting your everyday life? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then it is time that you and I get together for a consultation. My name is Dr. Little DC, and I am the number one chiropractor specializing in head pain in the Allen area, and I can help to alleviate your pain using traditional chiropractic methods.

Living with pain of any kind can cause many disruptions in your life, especially when your pain is from headaches. Not only are you experiencing pain, you more than likely find yourself constantly fatigued, or on the other end of the spectrum, having difficulty sleeping because of the pain. You don’t need to live like this. If you are in the Allen, Texas, I can help to eliminate your head pain.
Head Pain is Often Caused by Muscle Stress
I see so many patients who are suffering needlessly from headaches at my office located at 309 S Jupiter Road, 75002. Often, head pain is caused by muscle stress, especially in the neck and shoulder muscles. With the right chiropractic care, you will find that your headaches lessen significantly, if not disappear altogether. I have the experience and use the latest chiropractic techniques to eliminate your head pain, as well as heal the source of that pain.
Don’t Live with Head Pain Any Longer
If you are experiencing head pain and think that it may be caused by muscle tension, I can help you. Remember, head pain is not something that you have to live with forever. I can rid you of your pain by dealing with the source, without the need for drugs or surgery. Get a Free Consultation by calling (214) 390-6703 or clicking the link below

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General Wellness is Important - #AllenTX Dear people of Allen, Texas,I am dedicated to bringing the best health and wellness to my friends, new and old. If you have any kind of health problems or are just interested in maintaining your general wellness, you should start by coming to my office at 309 S Jupiter Road, 75002 so that you can be evaluated and get started on a treatment regimen that will keep you feeling great.

When you are feeling good, you can accomplish a lot more, not only in your work but in the other aspects of your life as well. You know that when there is a problem of any kind with your health, it is enough to make everything go bad. Your health is important to you, no matter what you do for work and no matter what you enjoy as a hobby. Being healthy will help you to sleep better, work better and can even help you to maintain a normal weight.
I want you to keep your health at its highest level and be happy. I look forward to working personally with all of the people in and around Allen, whether they are concerned with their general health or if they have some specific health concerns to be worried about. Come to my office at 309 S Jupiter Road, 75002 and we will work together on a treatment plan to keep you at your best health so that you can work and play.
As the number one chiropractor here in Allen, I look forward to helping everyone stay healthy and enjoy life for many, many years. Get a Free Consultation by calling (214) 390-6703 or clicking the link below

Jaw Pain Caused by TMJ Can Be Treated by Your Chiropractor - #AllenTX Greetings Allen, Texas! My name is Dr. Little DC, and if you are suffering from jaw pain and live in the Allen area, instead of dealing with the pain through traditional dentistry, drugs and other therapies, why not come in for a consultation with me? My office is located at 309 S Jupiter Road, 75002. I can help to alleviate your suffering without causing you any additional pain.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder is a painful condition that affects the jaw and can cause headaches, neck pain, earaches and jaw pain. TMJ does not just cause pain in the jaw. Many of my patients have reported experiencing ear pain, headaches and sore necks as well, all of which are conditions that I am able to treat. Part of your course of chiropractic treatment will involve the manipulation of the muscles around your jaw, which will improve motion and alleviate your pain caused by TMJ.
Don’t Wait for a Specialist
Anyone who has ever needed to see a specialist for any type of disorder knows just how long it can actually take to get an appointment. If you are living with TMJ, you are no doubt in a lot of pain, and this is just going to get worse (or at the very least, not get any better) while you are waiting to see a specialist.
I have successfully treated many patients suffering with TMJ at my office located at 309 S Jupiter Road, 75002, eliminating their pain so that they can go on with their normal daily lives. And it won’t take nearly as long to get in to see me as it might to see a specialist. Get a Free Consultation by calling (214) 390-6703 or clicking the link below

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Dealing with Sprains and Strains - #AllenTX Hello there, Texas! If you live in or around Allen, I am here to help you deal with the pain and discomfort of sprains and strains no matter what has caused them. As a well-known chiropractor in Allen, I see patients dealing with various sprains and strains on a daily baisis.

The Many Causes of Sprains and Strains
There are literally hundreds of causes of sprains and strains in the body.
Sprains and strains are very common conditions and can happen to anybody at anytime. In fact, I have seen patients in Allen, who have sprains and strains as a result of accidents, poor posture, overuse, abnormalities in the bones and joints or even as the result of being overweight. As a chiropractor in Allen, I specialize in the treatment of these problems. I can help you to learn how to deal with and manage this pain and in many of the cases, can eliminate it completely.
Some of the symptoms that I have treated patients in Allen for includes stiffness from their sprains or strains, pain, tingling sensations, numbness and other problems. Through the careful manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues, I can help you to be relieved of your pain and slowly work toward restoring full movement to the area. Your treatment will take place in my office in Allen.
Don’t Live with the Pain of Sprains or Strains Any Longer

If you are living in Allen and are trying to deal with mild, moderate or even severe pain from sprains and strains, there is no need to suffer any longer. You have other things to do rather than dealing with pain of any kind. When you are dealing with the pain of sprains and strains, visit me, Dr. Little DC, in Allen for treatment right away.
Get a Free Consultation by calling (214) 390-6703 or clicking the link below

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Upper Back Pain Treatment - #AllenTX Hello. My name is Dr. Little DC, and I am one of the leading chiropractors in Allen, Texas. I have been successfully treating patients with upper back pain for many years, and have seen first-hand how chiropractic care can help all kinds of conditions with the joints such as the shoulders, the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, and the spine. My treatments involve adjustments of the spine, which can correct misalignments and ease or eliminate your pain.

Causes of Upper Back PainSome of the causes of upper back pain include poor posture, injury, whiplash, disc disease and degeneration, large breasts, sprains and strains and even heart disease. These can all cause you to experience extreme pain on a regular basis. The techniques that I use for your treatment in my office at 309 S Jupiter Road, 75002 will help to cure the cause of your upper back pain.
Although it is not always as severe as lower back pain, upper back pain is just as common, and millions of Americans live with it every day. Upper back pain is not something that needs to be a permanent condition, nor does it always need to be treated with prescription or over-the-counter medications or surgery. In fact, many of my patients report significantly lower levels of pain, if not complete elimination of pain, after undergoing my treatments.
If you have been living with upper back pain and traditional treatments have not been helping you, I can help. Come see me, Dr. Little DC, at my office, which is located at 309 S Jupiter Road, 75002 for a consultation. I will perform an examination and diagnose your condition, then work on making you feel better. Get a Free Consultation by calling (214) 390-6703 or clicking the link below
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