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Check out +The Matrix RPG page (
Check out +The Matrix RPG page (

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Big Bad Con 2017 kickstarter is open and ready for you! I just supported and loved my time from last year.

Maybe I'll see you there.

Location: California > San Francisco Bay Area > Walnut Creek (walkable from BART... I know cause I did... once)
And so it begins, the Big Bad Con kickstarter is on. We're doing so many awesome things this year: the scholarship, the outreach program to schools, adding a board games track, bringing out special guests, making a new home for Games on Demand. So much great stuff. Thank you in advance for all your support!

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I have studying digital money like BitCoin this year and I found this story recently. This falls under cloak & Dagger stuff, IMO.

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Big Bad Con #BBC reviews
Excited for next con October 2017

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+Jonathan Henry​ this fiverr is for you :smiley:

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Hackathons what are they, and why do they exist...

- What are they?
Hackathons are short events put on by a bigger organization, coporation or industry. They challenge the participants to "burn the midnight oil" and create something new. Hackathons are not all software/programming challenges. Some are based on creating new machines or hardware. You may be asked to redsign a logo or brand. Hackathons now a days can be on any topic, with any skill set. One place to find Hackathons is DevPost ( ).

- Why do they exist?
In my opinion Hackathons exist to give the sponsor new ways to solve a problem. If the organizer is smart they will provide the sponsor with a way to expand their interest, maybe even create a product they bring to market or invest in.

- Be-Aware! you don't always own what you create. If you win money prizes, pay your taxes.
As a participant in a Hackathon please read the "Fine Print". Not all Hackathons are created equal. Some Hackathons rules give the sponsors full rights to all ideas and materials created/submitted in the event. Other Hackathons let you own it but now that you have presented your AWESOME new idea to the public can you protect it? Think about why are you at the Hackathon.

I think Hackathons are great resume builders and networking opportunties. I personally learned a ton about Solar power from the "Suncode 2016" Hackathon. As a developer I have to know more to design the app and that gave me the unique position of listening to a lot of smart and experienced people pitch their ideas.

April 7 to 8, 2017 I will be at

Maybe I will see you there...

Post has attachment domain is going away aftrr March 29, 2017. I am no longer paying for the domain after that. I have ideas for the mission that spawned LUG CON but what comes next won't have the same name. I have put a pause on running online conventions but the feeling has never died!! This community will remain open, don't worry about that!

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I saw this and I was blown away. First of all I have to admit I like electronic music. This npm package "Scribbletune" seems let developers who can't play an instrument create great sounds with a little music theory knowledge.

Watch this and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You can find him on Twitter ( @_walmik ).

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Created a meetup for local javascript programmers. We meet once a month in Berkeley. The idea is to have a group where we actually work on code. I have seen a lot of presentations about javascript stuff that looks cool then I run into an issue or something that didn't take into account my situation. I want a place where every month we focus on something interesting and make it work. People can bring other topics or just offer help.

The space is free and open to knowledge sharing. If you are in the area think about joining us. I will share some more about this group later.
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