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"It's probably nothing" --Dungeon Master +Stephanie Brown 

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Make it so!
Morning Googlastarlords!

Tuesday already and I've not come across any mythological creatures this week yet!

Hoping to encounter an abada today, which is apparently a small type of unicorn reported to live in the African Congo.

When I find it, it can sleep on my bed and I'll take it on walks to Cross Flatts park. I won't let it watch the film The Last Unicorn though as it might get upset...

Onwards and upwards Geepulation : ))

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It's all about the english!

I'm a little saddened that Ubuntu One is shutting down. Now I have to find an alternative to use. I'd like to use Google Drive, but there doesn't seem to be a reliable client for Ubuntu (yet)

The VA Open Checkers tournament begins tomorrow! Play starts at 10 AM. There will be eight rounds , four Friday and four Saturday with a 2 hour time limit per round. 3-move restriction will be the play style! Contact me for more details, we would love to gain more players!
0, 0

Listening to Hello Nasty.. bringing on the Hello Nostalgia till the break of dawn

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Catted downpipe, Cobb intake' dynotune!!

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I can't wait for this! I need a baby sitter for a few hours so Kim and I can go see it.
Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes #MoS featurette, which contains new footage! #ManOfSteel

So I earned a badge of honor today. It was snowing on my way to and from work today. I was on my motorcycle. /flex

So, I grew tired of lugging my 7 pound ASUS "laptop" around for work. I love it to death, but it is just not ideal for use when I need to be mobile. I started looking around and decided I wanted to go with an Ultrabook. Best Buy happened to have an open-box Samsung Series 9 last night and I couldn't pass it up. All I can say is THIS is how laptops should be made.
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