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How do you delete unofficial Facebook pages?

I have a client that just set up an official Facebook page but he's competing against an unofficial Facebook page that was created about 3 years ago. On the unofficial page there is an option to claim the business but when you click on it nothing happens. It's like a dead option.

This unofficial page ranks very high in Google when you do a company name search for this client. He obviously wants his official Facebook page to show and not the unofficial one. I told him it will take time for the new Facebook page to rank but I'm wondering if there is a way to nuke the unofficial page.

Will our rankings tank if we move a site to a new domain?

I have a client that has a large, established site - well over 250 pages. He ranks #1, #2, or #3 for many many important keywords for his business.

He recently changed his business name from "ABC Corp." to "XYZ Corp." We redesigned a totally new site for him and everything he does is under the XYZ Corp. name - with one exception...his domain.

We're still using the ABC Corp. domain because he's scared to death to move the site to the new domain and lose all his rankings.

If I do 301 redirects on a page-by-page basis, will we retain his rankings or does he have a legitimate fear in losing everything? The last thing I want to do is move his site to a new domain and have him lose everything.


I am working with a challenging SAB. He has a huge service area comprised of about 20 decent size cities. His service area is basically an entire section of his state.

We're doing PPC but from a SEO perspective it's been a real challenge. How do you get a service-based business ranked in so many cities when he doesn't have a physical location in any of them?

Is PPC as good as it gets or are there ways we can create some content to rank in all these cities? The individual city landing pages I created are doing o.k. (a handful rank in the middle or bottom of page 1) but I can't get #1 rankings organically for anything. Maybe what I've achieved from a SEO perspective is as good as it's going to get.

I'm working with a client that has a physical office location but given the sensitivity of what they do, they don't want their physical address shown anywhere online. Given this, I'm assuming my options as far as citations are concerned is Google Maps (hiding the address) and a handful of directories that allow us to hide the address.

I've never worked with a business that didn't want their physical address shown anywhere. What challenges will I potentially face with this (other than being extremely limited on citation sources)?

**I should also say that this isn't a competitive niche. It's a recording studio. They don't want the address listed because a lot of high profile bands and artists record here. They don't want fans and groupies showing up. They need "complete privacy" for their bands and artists. Personally, I don't know how you can have a web presence (which is what they want) and have privacy. It's sort of an oxymoron if you ask me. I have to believe people will find out where this place is if they really want to know.**


Has Yelp always filtered reviews from active Yelpers - AND after the review has been live for several weeks?

I have 56 friends on Yelp and 52 reviews spread out over the past couple years. These are all legit reviews, obviously.

I left a review for my local chiropractor back in February and it went live immediately as all of my Yelp reviews do. I was one of only 3 reviews he had on Yelp. Then today when I checked his profile my review was filtered so now he only has 2 reviews on Yelp. What gives? Why would Yelp seemingly out of the blue filter my review - weeks after I left it and it was live on his profile?

**After looking at my Yelp account closer, it appears all 52 of my reviews have been filtered. All 52 reviews that were once live are now filtered. Have I been penalized or something? I spent two years and a lot of time writing honest and helpful reviews for what? I'm done with Yelp.**


I'm looking for a solid web hosting company. I was with Host Gator for years but lately their service has gone down the tubes so I switched to Wired Tree. It turns out they are even worse. While the service is phenomenal, the hardware isn't. My sites are constantly down and they can't figure out what is going on.

I host several sites for clients so I need a hosting company that provides rock solid service and performance. All but one of the many sites I host are WordPress sites if that helps. I prefer WHM with cPanel accounts for each client.

If anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it! I need to figure something out fast as my sites are down again for a second time this month...arggg.


Need advice on whether or not to kill our scholarship link building.

Two years ago a client of mine wanted to offer a small scholarship ($1,500) in an effort to get high quality links from colleges, schools, etc. Over the past two years we have only managed to get 50 .edu links going to an interior scholarship page. We tried to get links to the home page but none of the schools would do it. They always would link to the scholarship details page.

After two years of this his rankings haven't budged. I'm prepared to declare that scholarship link building, at least the way we did it, doesn't work so I'm about to kill it.

The client said he's willing to do whatever. If I think it's worth continuing, he'll continue to do it. If I don't, he'll kill it just as quickly. It's totally up to me...yay:)

Did we do something wrong? Does scholarship link building really work? Most importantly, should I advise my client to stop the scholarship or should we keep it going?

I was hoping to see some gains in the rankings with all these .edu links but his rankings haven't budged so I'm ready to throw in the towel!


P.S. His site isn't penalized either as he has a clean backlink profile. His site has also been around for 5+ years.

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