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Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid3:

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SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat/Line/Kakao, or use any other Android apps on Win/Mac with #AirDroid3:

I'm most looking forward to my Database Management class this semester. Considering I am not to familiar with databases and that seems to be what all jobs in Software Engineering seek

Took an assessment test for a +Google Software Engineering position earlier. Was stumped on the second task +Codility asked me to complete.
Grateful for the opportunity though. 

Computer Science Majoring should have a class dedicated to Caffeine Balancing. I believe we all could benefit 

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How do you generate your beautiful code images? It makes it so much nicer to read and follow 
Forgiving ruby

sometimes when you write in ruby fast enough you may miss some character, maybe miss write a character or something, i thought that there is a way we can make ruby more forgiving toward your writing mistakes
it is easy we'll monkey patch the Object class to respond to methods that doesn't exists but there is another method that is quite like it.

#ruby #rails
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