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Researcher + educator + design-thinker
Researcher + educator + design-thinker

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Advice for #UCT Media Studies students on sharing draft #research papers online
Written for UCT postgraduate Media Studies students interested in sharing their research projects online. Three of my 17 postgrad students shared their  Mobile Media and Communication projects online. One student had a highly compelling reason not to; her d...

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Pilot research projects and draft papers by #UCT #CFMS Mobile Media and Communication students in 2016
Written for Media Studies researchers interested in postgrad media  students'  pilot research projects and draft papers. I supervised 2016's  Mobile Media and Communication  postgrad students in doing a short research project and writing up their articles. ...

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Multimodal education for inequality: exploring privilege in visual arts students’ e-portfolio personas #8ICOM
Written for researchers interested in how technological and material inequalities become evidenced in young people's digital personas. Here's the 19 minute  8ICOM  conference  talk that accompanied  my   Multimodal education for inequality   presentation. T...

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Interesting that 'AI Can Recognize Your Face Even If You’re Pixelated' Researchers must consider the implications of this when sharing pixelated images of research participants. Even if they are small and heavily pixelated images, there is a risk that they could be reverse engineered by AI software (albeit it in the very distant future!) +Marion Walton +Anja Venter 

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Unexpected ethical challenges in using screen grabs of youths' #participatoryculture productions #visualresearch
Written primarily for researchers into young people's visual culture productions and those interested in. Advances in online image and text search may pose unexpected ethical challenge to researchers in protecting the privacy of participants while sharing v...

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How to extensively customize your Blogger template with custom-designed, menu buttons etc. @Blogger #gHelp
Written for Blogger users who want a high-level introduction to extensively customizing their template. This includes adding custom-designed navigation menu buttons. I couldn’t find an FAQ topic addressing this topic anywhere on the web, so here’s a post to...

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Learn to be a design thinker at the University of Cape Town's d-school #dschoolCPT
Written for UCT students interested in doing a design thinking course at the University of Cape Town's d-school. Design thinking   is a creative methodology based around ' building up '  and integrating conflicting ideas and constraints to create new soluti...

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Online Content Creation. Looking at students' social media practices through a #ConnectedLearning lens.
Written for researchers interested in students' social media practices, creative content production and how both can reflect indicators of the Connected Learning educational framework. Cheryl Brown ,  Laura Czerniewicz  and I wrote ' Online content creation...

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Introducing the portfolio genre to first-timers from under-resourced schools and homes
Written for educators in minimally resourced environments that are interested in teaching novices about the role of digital portfolios; particularly to help justify tertiary education access to visual creative disciplines and bridging courses. Although onli...

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Replacing a MacBook Air battery in Cape Town (and solving an NVivo for Mac 10 software license issue)
Written mostly for MacBook Air users in Cape Town and NVivo for Mac 10 users anywhere. After replacing my MacBook Air's hard-drive , the next project to support its longevity was battery replacement. Mine was lasting just two hours, a far cry from the initi...
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