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Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

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Just started playing, looking for teammates XBTag EizenhowerSTL

Dear +Gmail,

Will you please just buy +Boomerang for Gmail and integrate Google Keep in place of +Gmail tasks. So we can have the best productivity suite +Google could offer. +Inbox by Gmail is not cutting it.

That is all thanks!

Google Apps user waiting for you to connect the dots

P.S. keep app for iOS would be great

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I saw this coming. Do you think this is the competitive edge that will help #applemusic succeed against +Spotify? 

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Bump...this is a must have feature
Is there a family sharing setting/feature where one Photo account can be managed by multiple devices?

+Dell I am very excited about the XPS13 but kind of confused. Why would you release the least competitive version to retail? I went to the Microsoft Store to return a Surface Pro 3. I didn't like it due to text scaling/heat issues. While there I saw this new XPS 13 and I thought it was awesome. I was ready to buy your product until the Rep informed me that it was only available with a 128gb ssd and 4gb of Ram. Really, a PC in 2015 with 4gb of Ram? I asked for the next level up w/ 8gb of Ram and a 256gb ssd and they said that is not offered in their store. This will by far be the best selling model. Why not come out swinging? People looking for a $800 plus laptop aren't looking for the "cheapest" they want the best performance for their buck. I ordered the model I wanted from you directly but it will not delivered until Feb 10th when placed on Jan 21st. That is wayyyyy to long to wait. You have made a great product now get the model out there that will actually compete!

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Right on!
Google+ Dead?!

Pretty sick of people telling me G+ is a ghost town. In a fraction of the time, I have 2x the amount of people "following" my posts here than on Twitter!

Would be nice to have a post I can show people to illustrate the point that there is real value here!!

Are you actively using Google+? Let me know in the comments how often you use it and why you like it here! Will be passing this post on quite often so feel free to elaborate why you enjoy Google+!


Has anyone received the new Evernote Mac update through the apps store? I have not received the update and it's driving me nuts

Hey +Evernote where is my update for the mac app store???????

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I can't wait to try it! Hopefully the update comes soon. I checked my app store and nothing yet.
We've been hard at work rebuilding every aspect of Evernote for Mac. Today, we're excited to announce the newest Evernote for Mac update. Learn more:
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Impromptu visit to see the Dinosaur with my little Jurassic Park Fan.
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