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Oh look yet another study linking animal products to bad health.

I guess all those animal products we have eaten for hundred's of thousand's of years were bad for us also. If only we discovered mass agriculture back when we were cavemen, we could have had such a healthier lifestyle today.

Let's not also highlight that the subjects of the observational study also had almost 50% carbohydrates as part of their diet... but that could not possibly be the cause here.

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It is just that kind of night really.

Rock It!

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Back in the 1980s there were a series of Ice Cream Wars in Glasgow:

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"Get your nephew a bear."  They said
"OMG what is that!?" They said.
Whatevs!  It's a bear.

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This is quite possible the most awesomely cool post from +LEGO ever!!!!!
Get a behind the scenes view of the creation and design of The Simpsons House LEGO Minifigures from LEGO designer, Gitte.

See the finished LEGO versions of Bart, Homer and co. in The Simpsons House: 

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Hot damn this looks so awesome. I just cannot wait until it comes out.
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Yep can't wait to see it! 

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What a fucking butt-plug this old man is. Can't wait until their generation die out.
Bernie Ecclestone ‘completely agrees’ with Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay laws, and so do ‘90 per cent of the world’, says F1 boss
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As am I. Equality for all!

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It's happened again
My last post, making fun of a an unpleasant man with a long and complex history of business involvement with the oil, coal and gas industries resulted in a sadly typical response from articulate and determined anthropomorphic climate change deniers.  
These are not the statements of some disturbed fundamentalist preacher telling us the planet is 4,000 years old and God gave us the world and women to do with as we wish. 'Drill and burn, oppress and rape, it's all yours baby' sayeth the Lord.
No, these are well informed and clever chaps (they are all chaps) most of whom cling to their one pathetic shred of so called 'evidence' which are the emails leaked from some University in East Anglia. Years ago, utterly and trivially irrelevent. I dismiss such nonsese.
Here's my point.
These individuals, who may or may not be connected with the oil and gas industries (even at arms length, even just politically sympathetic) have a huge fear of government intervention, government control, increased corporate taxes and less 'freedom.'
I understand that fear, I don't trust governments either.
They faff about, they make a mess, they are compromised, hypocritical and made up of some of the most insincere people our culture produces.
What I don't understand is NOT having an equal if not greater fear of the handful of uber-powerful multinationals, the most powerful groups of very few people who weald the most power and wealth in our entire history.
These corporations are run by hugely wealthy individuals most of us have never heard of, they are not elected and yet they are far more powerful than any government, they abide by no laws unless they paid to have them implemented, they have more influence, power, money than any tragically inept government.
It is sceintists and some governmental bodies who are saying the activities of all of us, and especially the biggest corporations are having a duluterious affect on our climate.
It is the corporations, their minions like Lawson, lackeys in the media and people who comment on blog posts like mine who say 'poppycock, what do these 'so called scientists' know, they are making it up to keep their university funding levels up.'
As opposed to what?
Corporations who see their profits slowly dwindle so they spend billions trying to undermine the science.
Who do you trust more?
Highly skilled, brilliantly managed and unspeakably wealthy eorporations or inept, corrupt, half baked, wishy washy governments.
I'd suggest we should trusty neithe.
We should however, consider the science carefully, witness the fact that when the atmosphere has contained more than 400 ppm of CO2 (as it does now) the climate was considerably warmer. We should also consider that the fluctuations in that CO2 level took hunderds of thousands of years. 
In the last 200 years CO2 has gone from below 200ppm to 400ppm. THAT is unprecedented, that has never happened before.
Okay, sorry, it's the hand of God. Silly of me.
Praise The *LARD!*
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