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My Youtube account was terminated.
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I beat anxiety and panic attacks with magnet therapy. I am most proud of that accomplishment.
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Rice Lake, WI
Eau Claire, WI - Okinawa, Japan - Shreveport LA - San Diego, CA - Portland, Oregon - Sacramento, Ca - Fort Dix - Bahrain - Singapore - Korea - Chippewa Falls, WI
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Received a complaint about my personal hygiene. I was in a windy spot and didn't even notice anyone walk by me very closely. If this library is so sensitive about personal hygiene of the homeless then why did they cover up all their electrical outlets outside? You would think they want to encourage the offensive smelly people to stay outside and use the Internet.
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Kicked out for my bad odor. Internet was pretty good. No one else was around me. They are very picky about smells here.
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They block Hearthstone. big jerks!
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Where are the tortoises?
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Stupid security guy said I couldn't plug my computer into an outlet that is available to use. I asked him to show me where we could find a spot to plug in and we spent 5 minutes looking and found nothing. Then he suggested I take a study room which put me at a time limit of 2 hours. But the library was open for longer than 2 hours. Where do I plug in after 2 hours? Not computer friendly and security is extending their duties into more than security. Is the guard necessary?
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Washington County library system blocks hearthstone, slows wifi to a painful crawl, and disconnects you every 2 hours. I have seen many better free wifi systems than this one. Why do the library wifi techs act like this?
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Even though the Federal Government pays the state to conduct this service. Utah is handling the food stamp program worse than any other state I have had experience with (which includes: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, & Wisconsin) Utah is the most difficult to contact, takes the longest times for "processing" and causes the most confusion for steps needed to take. I should be thankful for getting any food stamps at all, but I am also learning that there are very different standards in how the individual states are conducting this federal program. I would encourage the feds to investigate Utah Workforce Services and find out where that money is really going.
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