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#Wavvy for CM Theme Engine finally has an official release date.

At launch it will have 5 colors in total, including the dark blue base theme, as well as select icons from my Bayside theme that match very well. Arcus will be required to use the color mods. Other things such as original tones and boot animation will be included, either at launch or shortly after.

Also, good news for fans of mine who have been following my announcements on android projects. Themes require much less maintenance as opposed to icon packs, so this theme will eventually get to a completed state, where it will work flawlessly with custom ROM's and I can get back to updating my icon packs. Thanks for being so patient for those who have been interested. Please + and reshare so more people can get some fresh goodies on their devices :-)

#android #cmtheme #cmthemeengine #comingsoon
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Travis Hall

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I'm honored and humbled for the opportunity to be interviewed. Punya was very polite and had some great questions. Lots of fun to answer as well. Give the man a follow as He's new to g+ and check out his blog for more great interviews 
“My name is Travis Hall and I go by Not Just Another Designer throughout the android and design communities. I’m a 33 year old, self-taught graphic artist. I specialize in icons and logos but have a deep love for illustrations and drawing.” said the very talented person behind icon packs like Timeless and Aura, and … Continue reading "Travis Hall on Designing, Inspiration and His New Non-Profit Project"
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Congrats +Travis Hall​
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Travis Hall

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WWE legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka died Sunday. Snuka's daughter, Sarona, who wrestles in WWE as Tamina, shared a photo on Instagram announcing his death: TMZ Sports reported ...
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Wow, a real legend in the sport. Him jumping off the top of the cage is still one of the most memorable moments I have.
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Travis Hall

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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Travis Hall

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+Alex Hernandez haha indeed. If its one things us geeks like, its personalized items and things with flair. Socks and other toys/figures/collectibles/accessories are right up there in terms of levels of interest. 
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Travis Hall

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I can't emphasize enough how sad but true this is. I'm up to 3 Dr's who have either blacklisted me or tried the lame cold shoulder mood swings to me. Its incredibly sad but the truth is, as long as a human holds a position of employment, you stand a chance to be treated based on their judgements and personal feelings towards you. Of all professions, I ask you, shouldn't the medical field be exempt of such behavior?
Stories about the University of Florida.
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+Dei G ¿ so sorry you're having to deal with issues as well dear. It usually infuriates me to think about past dr experiences. But I think the worst thing it can do to a person, and I have to have help to not succumb to it, is getting discouraged and to stop seeking professional help besides medical emergencies. The power a dr can have over a person and their self worth and health is phenomenal. And just like any other job, of course it gets taken advantage of.
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Travis Hall

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Awesome new app is awesome
Queep v 1.1 has been published

Thanks for all your support with my new app. I'm glad to see many people using/liking it.

Please continue sharing/recommending it to all the people you know. And don't forget to leave a positive review on Google Play Store. ;)

Thanks in advance.

- Added Spanish translations. Help translating Queep to your native language here:
- Fixed some grammar issues in Intro. Thanks to +Aidan Follestad for the help.
- Fixed scrolling issues in different sections.
- Fixed too big pictures in Intro.
- Fixed note window appearing even after just moving the bubble.
- Added widget to quickly enable or disable Queep bubble.
- Notification panel will now close after you press a tile. (Android 7+)

Queep is a floating button that allows you to quickly create Keep notes.Imp...
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Thanks for sharing 😀
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Travis Hall

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Pros and cons to all of this. Whistleblowing is like walking on broken glass, egg shells, and bouncy balls drenched in lemon juice. I believe that the military has a purpose to protect us, but they need to be humbled from time to time.
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Travis Hall

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I didn't think I could love my iMac anymore....I was wrong. #serenity icons and Übersicht for the widgets. Good lord this is one peaceful way to work from home :-) Enjoy your day folks
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+Ben Costello google that german word I put in the post about the widgets 
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Travis Hall

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Damn this bitch is good. Can she see me??
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It's from Earthbound on NES Classic
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Travis Hall

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Bad ass
Please Read!
DNA Dark V2.1.DNA has been pushed and is ANOTHER HUGE update!

New Major Features:
- Added 10 Custom DNA Dark Headers for ROMs that support it and a section in the Project app for users to submit their own!
- 2 New QS Tiles that can be disabled in settings if you do not like clutter
- Ability to change Navigation Drawer Header Background
- Tons of app bug fixes and UI improvements

Regarding The Headers:
I have added 10 preset headers, however, I have added the ability for users to submit their own. To submit, go into the Project app, Email Developer, Header Submission. You will need to enter the name of the creator of the image and then simply attach the images in the email template it brings you too. New submissions will be included in further updates... Also, attached below is the "ideal" size for those of who need a template size.

Below are some of the headers included in the new update along with the template header size... Any questions, feel free to email me and thanks to +Alex Cruz for pointing me in the right direction. More headers and styles to come!

Theme Link:
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Travis Hall

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Very proud to be a part of something awesome here folks. Follow OP for rules 
Official DU Giveaway

This is the official announcement! Get ready!!!

This giveaway is about us showing you all how much we appreciate you! If we could we would just give out free stuff and that's it but we wanted to also make it some what interesting!

We wanted to show our appreciation for the users that have been here since the beginning and YES, even those that jumped on the bandwagon half way Marshmallow hahaha yes, we noticed :-)

We recognize that DU has gone through a lot of changes both with the ROM itself and community. While many decided
to jump ship or stop supporting us because these changes, there's a lot of you that have said 'this is my ROM' and have
stuck in there with us! This means a lot to us, believe it or not! Not only that but there's a lot of users turn hobbyists/developers
who have started to contribute to the ROM and make it even better! All the feedback on JIRA, G+ and devs base has been helpful
as well. Sure there are times where we may want to choke out a few of you but in the end you make our hobby/project that
much better!

OK so here's the deal with the giveaway

We want to hear from you all! We want to hear your story! We're always hearing about how 'I've been a DU user since the EVO 3D' and
we know there's a lot of good stories out there, we want them! Don't make up things, we'll know if you're lying because we've been
here since the beginning :p

Be yourself and lets have a good time!

- Register if you haven't already and head over to Devs Base

- In the thread listed above, tell us about your experience

~ When was the first time you used DU?
~ How long have you been using DU?
~ Tell us about your experience with the ROM itself and the team.
~ What would you change if given the chance?

Something to add, don't bad mouth other projects. This is not what we're looking for. Tell us about your experience but don't be trashy
about it.

- Make sure to include your G+ profile in your post so we know who to contact for prizes!

That's it! Giveaway ends in exactly 1 week

We've got A LOT of promo codes for a lot of great themes, icon packs, apps and even a few t-shirts!

All of which wouldn't be possible without the following folks helping us out! Don't be shy to follow them either! :-)

+Andre Zimmermann​ 
+Daniel Huber​ 
+Daniel Schott​ 
+De Jan​ 
+Devon Witherell​ 
+Federico Porcu​ 
+Gianluca Spadazzi​ 
+Jacek Malinowski​ 
+Jeff McIntire​ 
+Jeremy Beck​ 
+Kevin Aguilar​ 
+Rahul K Dinesh​ 
+Sasi Kanth​ 
+Travis Hall​ 
+wasim khan

*Thank you and we hope to hear from you all!*
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