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Content Creator - Entrepreneur - Blogger

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What are you presently doing with G+?

What is your precise goal with it?

Let's avoid basics and get deep! I'll go first:

I'm presently not doing much, hence this group! I aim to take part in groups related to my various niches (ESL in China and content marketing). My plan is to provide as much advice as I can, ask some questions and occasionally post a relevant link to my sites.

My goal with Google+ is to increase the conversion ratio for social traffic (conversion goal set in Google Analytics) for my two businesses. An equally important goal is to make some nice connections with pleasant people.

How about you?

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Here's a great introduction to configuring and using G+!  Please post articles like this that you've found helpful. 

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New Post! There's nothing wrong with manipulating yourself into being healthy! I do, and it's worked splendidly. 

It's time you learn how to trick yourself into being healthy.

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You've probably heard the term, but what does it mean? Why is it worth your time? 

Time to demystify the hidden force that surrounds us all - content marketing.

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New podcast episode! I've been wanting to study Muay Thai for a while now, and of course, there's a gym nearby. I keep peeking over the wall. Thus, this episode.

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Amazing. (I don't care if I'm biased)
Now THIS is a post worth bookmarking.

A definitive, proven method for driving website traffic. 

#websitetraffic   #seo   #contentmarketing  

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 114
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