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Let's have an epic adventure and follow happiness together!
Let's have an epic adventure and follow happiness together!

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Hello, there! I'm Maria - twenty something travel blogger from Bulgaria!

Follow my adventures on where you will find many tips and stories from various destinations in Europe! Connect with me on Faceboo, too:

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Top Tips for finding cheap flights and affordable accommodation:

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20 Wonderful Travel Experiences and Places to Visit in Bulgaria in 2017

I wanted to share with you some less-known and more interesting travel experiences and places in Bulgaria to put on your bucket list for 2017. Here are my top 20 recommendations:

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Mountain Restart at Office in the Woods Coworcation Camp Bulgaria

What it’s like to be in the mountains with like-minded people, fast Wi-Fi and plenty of adventures to try? You get stuck in the trunk.

Read bout my first coworkation experience and why it's the best thing that can happen to you:

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Day Trip from Sofia, Bulgaria: Prohodna Cave (THE EYES OF GOD)

Famous with its giant 2 eye-shaped wholes in the ceiling, Prohodna Cave is a perfect place for a day trip in #Bulgaria . Read more:

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Headed to Bulgaria? Check out why you need to visit the northern Black Sea Coast this #SUMMER

Read more:

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9 Things to Do in Malta in Winter

Contrary to common belief, there’s plenty of magical events and activities to experience throughout Malta’s winter, too. Avoid the crowds and check them out:
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