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A recent survey revealed this list as the world's rudest nations, do you agree?

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I'd agree with Portugal being very polite. People there are lovely.
Yes, french are surely the rudest people i've ever met. They think the worlld about themselves :)
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Gas Ton
france, uk, germany? I can notice you never visited argentina, you would be kicked in the ass by our shemale president.
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BOO YAA CANADA IS ON THE POLITE LIST!! we are a very polite nation
I always thought that most French people are nice. But I've read in a forum yesterday about some not so nice things that have been experienced by tourists in France. And now, I saw this pic. However, I think the views in France are really lovely so I still love to visit the place. :D
Philippines is number 32 on the list. Most poeple here are hospitable... :D
New Zealand at 28?? Everybody is nice there. They're in my top 5 for sure...
India may be the most polite nation
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