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We took a look at hotel marketing photos. Can you tell which are real and which are photoshopped? compares hotel marketing photos with real photos taken by their hotel reviewers. See if you can determine why some pictures are photoshopped fakes.
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Interesting article, but it's not really an issue of Photoshop, but rather just experienced photography (snapshots vs. professional).
That's why it's very important to do research, read reviews and not take an advertisement at face value. I don't think many would begrudge a little artistic license to these hotels.
i don't care if those pics are photoshopped, that food looks good!
that's such an awesome article, so many times when you arrive you then discover how heavily Photoshopped they were...
What`s wrong with photoshopping? there is a "good Photoshopping" which highlights the message, make the shoot enjoyable, it is a profession, and there`s faking like in every walk of life.
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