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You're gonna love our new tough-love host, hotel fixer Anthony Melchiorri. He's giving struggling hotels a wake-up call tonight at 10|9c!
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No,we are not because it is a Reality Show, and reality shows makes my skin crawl. All reality shows,nothing of any social redeeming value about them. They are the scourge of modern man. Maybe I went a little far with the scourge of modern man but they suck big time. Get rid of every last one of them.
What a great idea for a show. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to watching and spreading the word.
Great Idea - But Would Really Like More - Where To Vacation Shows - "TRAVEL CHANNEL" 
Dave P
Great show. Seemed strange on the Miami South Beach one when the owner got upset when the host told him about the problems, when he was there to help them.
Fantastic show.  In this episode the owner's snotty resistance to help from Anthony looked weird indeed -- they called HIM for help!
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