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Transylvania Calling
Transylvania Calling 2016 - Transformational Gathering
Transylvania Calling 2016 - Transformational Gathering

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Transylvania Calling 2016 Intro Video
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Transylvania Calling 29.08.2015
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Transylvania Calling 2015 Ecowarriors & Post-event 01-13.09.2015
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Dear friends,

This year edition of Transylvania Calling comes with a new approach & concept. This means, that we have a wide range of new activities, new people involved and new structures to put in place.

We know you are eager to secure as soon as possible your place in this magnificent gathering and we are doing everything possible to offer you that.

Ticket sales and applications for volunteers and artists are under cooking, you just have to wait a little bit longer until we test everything and make sure all information is correct and functional.

As a token of appreciation for YOU we’ve prepared something special for those of you who just can’t wait!

The first 10 Wonderers who send us an e-mail with their request will get a discount on the first ticket price and a confirmed place in the 2016 Transylvania Calling Experience!!!
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Regular Early Bird Ticket Presale will launch on 1 February 2015. However, you can already apply for a Name Your Price Ticket by making a fair/decent donation. TC Tickets:
read how it works:
Your application will be reviewed by us on a daily basis but sometimes it can take longer. Check your email (also spam folder) for the acceptance and follow the instructions for finalizing the process.

If you apply without adding a sum in the donation field, your application will be refused 100%.

Please make sure to enter the correct name for each attendee as well as a donation, because it will go on the printed tickets.

Please note that Name Your Price Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable because they work on a donation basis and donations can not be returned or transferred!

Also, it can be applied only once. Once the offer is accepted, it will be valid for 7 calendar days. If you are not paying on time, we will cancel it. After you will have to purchase a normal ticket.

Kind regards,
Transylvania Calling
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Transylvania Calling Survival Guide...
... Your guide to Wonderland!

The Transylvania Calling Festival is one of Romania´s premier outdoor alternative lifestyle, music and arts festivals. Promoting a strong ethos of unity, the festival – is about connecting people from all walks of life throughout the world.

Transylvania Calling Festival offers a chance to escape from the pressures in our day to day lives and connect with likeminded people in a safe and truly inspiring natural environment, set in a beautiful location under the clear blue summer sky.
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This is the weather as it seem to be:

Monday, Aug 19: sunny (8-23 °C)

Tuesday, Aug 20: patchy rain  (7-22 °C)

Wednesday, Aug 21: sunny  (15-23 °C)

Thursday, Aug 22: sunny  (16-23 °C)

Friday, Aug 23:  *heavy rain shower*  (10-22 °C)

Saturday, Aug 24: patchy rain  (11-20 °C)

Sunday, Aug 25: patchy rain  (12-21 °C)

Monday, Aug 26: sunny  (12-21 °C)
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Thank you Murilo Ganesh for the 2012 Transylvania Calling Video!
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How to get to Transylvania Calling:

Getting to Brasov by car, plane:
Brasov – Rasnov buses:
Trains Brasov – Rasnov (and back):
Airport Charter Bus from Bucharest Airport (OTP) to TC location and back:
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There will be many workshops at Transylvania Calling, and as for 2013 we have this great workshops events:

Holotropic Breathwork - Seminar with Ana Maria Stefanescu & Cristina Craciun

Holotropic Breathwork is a method of deep auto-exploration and healing, using accelerated breathing, evocative music and bodywork to facilitate releasing emotional, physical and energetical blockages or inbalances of any kind. It is widely used as a complementary method for classical verbal therapy, having the tremendous advantage of working beyond the mechanisms of the mind and using the natural intelligence of the body and its intrinsic self-healing abilities. Drawing mandalas as one of the usual experience integration methods.
As a method, it was ”invented” and developed by Stanislav Grof, psychiatrist, therapist and writer, who worked a lot with altered states of consciousness, discovering the immense value regarding their therapeutical results.

MagicInsight Inner Beauty Parlour

The magicInsight healing tent is your space to awaken to your inner beauty and get fine-tuned to a higher level of awareness. The reconnective healing sessions will help you heal and come back into balance, while our conscious evolution meditation sessions will give you the space to awaken to your highest potentials and realign your life into its divine purpose. 

Your interaction with the reconnective healing frequencies will bring you the experience of powerful inner healing and integration that will enable you to step to a different, more refined level of awareness and take conscious responsibility for your own evolution, thus helping the entire world to evolve.

Active Dreaming - Seminar with Ana Maria Stefanescu & Cristina Craciun

Active Dreaming is an original combination of dreamwork and shamanic techniques, a method created by Robert Moss. It has three core areas of practice. First, it teaches ways of bringing energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life. We learn how to create a safe space where we can share dreams of the night and dreams of life with others, receive helpful feedback, and encourage each other to move towards creative and healing action. Second, it is a method of shamanic lucid dreaming.

And third, Active Dreaming is a way of conscious living. This requires us to reclaim our inner child, and the child’s gift of spontaneity, play and imagination. We will learn and play with some basic techniques of Active Dreaming: lightning dream process, dream re-entry, dream theater and we will remember that dreams are not ”only” dreams but a rich source of creatvity, guidance and healing.

Crystals, our magic friends - with Alexandra Andritoiu

In case you didn’t know, or you have forgotten, crystals have life and are full of energy.
They are bits and pieces of Mother Earth, her children, just like us. When we start looking at them as such they can become amazing companions on our evolutionary journey. During the workshop we will be reminded of their energy and how it influences our day to day life.
It will be an interactive workshop where we will play with their sweet vibrations, shapes and colors. In my opinion first hand experiments are the best way to learn how the energies around influence, help and restore our balance.

Family Constellations? - with Victor Flueras

It’s a phenomenological therapeutic method which works with family systems and which was coined by Bert Hellinger, a German therapist that was also a missionary in South Africa among Zulu communities. Hellinger discovered through the years two simple rules which he called: The Orders of Love.
Each member of the family has equal rights to belong to his own family system, no matter his moral behavior. If a member of the family is rejected by that family – for example because he is an alcoholic – the system will have the tendency to get back to equilibrium and one of the nephews will get an identification with that person at an unconscious level, following his destiny.

In Shape: Body-Awareness & Ecstatic Living - Veet Cristian

An inner journey with Breath , Energy and Movement with the intention to bring Awareness and deep Natural Silence in our Body and Minds.
Usually our way of living in stress and dead-lines makes us rigid in our body and mind.
We go to the fitness but most of the time our mind is still busy in thinking and planning.

Green Spirit - AjaRa

Our own being is such a beautiful and complete entity. We are a  part of whole universe, but we are also a complete universe who can change complete hologram.
So it is important to take care of our own being, to be healthy and to respect our own being.
And life is the way to nourish that gift – the life we live.

Hridaya Vinyasa Yoga

An invitation to explore Hridaya Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic style of yoga that fosters inner harmony through physical postures, deep and rhythmic breathing, relaxation, meditation and self awareness.
The practice invigorates, improves flexibility and mobility, detoxifies and strengthens the body while triggering its relaxation response. It also calms the mind, focusing it on the “here and now” and helping it reach a deeper, regenerating inner peace.

Shamanic Healing Trip 

Shamanism is a spiritual ancestral tradition, the primary way of healing practiced in every culture, all over the world. The fundament of this practice is to restore balance on the spiritual, mentally, emotionally and physically level. The main method used in shamanic work is the trance. Thereby the shaman is connected to the spirit world which allow him to have access to the information required for the person seeking help.

Mandala Workshop 

Working with the mandalas is a spiritual therapy. That means that this kind of work, through drawing, painting and/or meditating on mandalas, can help our soul to heal and open.
During this workshop we are going to paint mandalas. All the participants are going to be sustained energetically, so they can work in their being everything their Self need.

Meditation with Tibetan singing bowls.
We are going to relax and harmonize our being with the help of the Tibetan singing bowls.
The benefits of the meditation with the Tibetan singing bowls are multiple. It helps us especially to relax and distress, works with benefic effects on people that suffer from depression, anxiety or people that have sudden compartmental changes.
The sound, having the power to reach until cell level, removes right from the source the negative pattern that’s already installed in our being, filling us from cellular level with everything that we need so we can function correctly.
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