Thursday, March 6, 2014
Posted by Jim DuBos

Malware in the Shadows

As April 8th approaches, worldwide statistics indicate that Windows XP still shows an install base of 30%.  As I reviewed our Managed Services customers, this is pretty accurate.  I know in my discussions with many of you there is a sense of frustration as you feel the hardware is adequate for the applications you are running and you feel forced to spend money on both hardware and software due to the requirements of a new system.  You are not alone in this feeling as evident of the statistic above.

I want to offer a different perspective to see your investment in a new light.  The first point is in increased performance and efficiency of the worker and the second on a darker reality of Malware in the Shadows.

In our own business, investing in new equipment, while expensive, improves employee performance because tasks can be done quicker, system related issues are decreased and employee morale is improved.  Happier employees result in higher worker productivity and honestly, just make work a better place to be each day.

The second reality is that the Technology industry has a darker side that spends much of its waking hours focused on the security of systems.  The effort, while noble in many of its participants, also breeds the rabid deployment of system killing virus and malware that result in the loss of data and performance sapping malware.  Much of this is due to rendering servers and workstations into download sites for pornography, as well as email spam relays.  Bandwidth is consumed thus making access to vital internal and external resources remarkably slow.

When companies like Microsoft are in a development cycle they consistently release security fixes and remediation techniques that will render these potential threats useless or have smaller impacts.  With the impending XP retirement, none of this will be available to either the user or the service provider. 

It is important for our customers to know that while we will do everything in our power to help remediate systems that are affected, there will be little for us to do to help systems crippled by these malware and virus.  Trust us when we tell you that new malware will be released and will render XP systems inoperable. What will it cost you each day your system is down?

Transformyx has many options for helping our customer’s transition to Windows 7 and above.  We have Hardware financing for those customers who wish to replace but need to pay as you go and we also provide a Full MSP which includes Hardware replacement.  

Please contact your sales representative for more information.  We are here to help you.
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