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Manage your torrents from your Android device
Manage your torrents from your Android device


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Released a small update to the 2.5.0 beta with mostly bugfixes, but also a new clietn to support.
- tTorrent support
- Fixed qBitorrent 3.2+ ratio bug
- Fixes in UI
- Updated translations
Get your fix at directly.
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How many of you are using the (partly buggy, limited support) FTP download option (shortcut) in Transdroid? With what app? I am thinking of dropping it.
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And it looks something like this...
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Finally(!) found some time to fix some bugs, pull some code contributions and release a new beta. Sorry for the slow updates these months.

- Refreshed Material design looks
- rTorrent and qBittorrent connectivity fixes
- Fixed crash when adding torrents via file picker

Please test and let me know if you encounter any crashes, bugs or graphical issues. Grab the 2.5.0-beta1 directly via Best way to report bugs is in GitBug issues @ !
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Just a quick update to let everyone know I am working still on the app. The last time has been busy and most development has been quite behind the scenes, as I am working on a small visual refresh of the app. Well small… it is getting a Material design look to match the Android Lollipop visuals and some parts needed a bit of tweaking to get right with those new and changed idioms.

A beta version should be available fairly soon, within a week or two. After that I will focus more on bugfixes again to update support for some clients (rTorrent, qBittorrent, tTorrent) and long standing annoyances. Hold on just a bit more!
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Release 2.3.0! With:
- Aria2 support
- Improved SSL support with TLS 1.1/1.2 and SNI hostname verification
- Fixed server checker when one is unavailable
- Fixed magnet links from Chrome
- Enable RSS notifications per feed
- Improved bug logging
- Import/export settings using QR code
Please keep submitting your translations because I want to make 1 release with kick ass language support next!

As usual you should get an update notice soon or head directly to
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New translation tool!

I would LOVE your help getting quality translations in Transdroid and this CrowsIN tool makes it (IMHO) very easy and reliable. You even get suggestions from existing and machine translations!

Existing translations are already uploaded, so you can just add the missing bits and validate existing work. Many thanks for your work!
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Just released 2.3.0 RC1, a release candidate to test the improved SSL support! Please test, especially if you use TLS1.1 or 1.2 on your server or have SNI hostname verification. Many thanks!

This is also the first release to be build using Gradle and I cleaned up quite some code, including have the full (Transdroid) and lite (Transdrone) versions as build variants. Hopefully no breakdowns...

Also includes support for Aria2!

Get your beta update at directly. Changelog is, as usual, available at GitHub:
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Release time! This time 2.2.0 is non-beta, plus a default server selection (with option to always ask when adding a torrent). Full list:
- Dropped legacy Android support; Android 4.0.3 is the new minimum
- Added Default Server option
- Fixed list selection quirks
- Another language-related qBittorrent fix
- Copy RSS item or torrent file name to clipboard
- Properly disable FTP download option when not supported
- Support KitKat file picker and more file managers
- Many updated translations

You'll get notified or manually update @ Oh, and Transdrone is updated in the Play Store as well, of course.
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Release Transdroid 2.2.0 RC1 just now, which is a release candidate (preview release) to test the dropped backwards compatibility with ancient Android version. You will not automatically receive an update notice, but if please test this version if you want to help me out. Android 4.0.3 and up is now supported, which not only brings better stability, it also solves that nasty list selection quirks. Yeah!

Also updates translations, fixes a qBittorrent issue and more.

Get it directly at
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