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Become A Certified Transcriptionist & Earn From Home
Become A Certified Transcriptionist & Earn From Home

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How to Start Part Time Transcription Jobs As a Side Gig? Learn more: #transcription #jobs #generaltranscription #audiotranscription

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How to Pass Transcription Tests Online and Get Hired

Transcription companies generally take a battery of tests that will thoroughly judge you on the important skills required to do transcription work, including your language and keyboarding skills. Here's the 8 simple hacks to pass transcription tests online. #transcription #onlinetest #gethired

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[Updated] Transcription Companies Hiring Worldwide on TCI Job Board

More than 30+ transcription companies are currently registered with TCI Job Board and many of them are looking for transcribers & translators. Here's the updated list of latest transcription job listings on the TCI Job Board. #transcription #audiotranscription #generaltranscription #jobs

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How to Simplify Working from Home with Toddlers

For a mom like yourself, working from home while taking care of your toddlers is challenging. Your primary task should be to take care of the toddler. But with some tips up your sleeve, you can successfully work and take care of the children.

#workfromhome #moms #toddlers #worklifebalance

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How to Use Workplace Flexibility to Advance Your Career

Your success can have beautiful ripples of positive impact. When you put your arrangement out there so visibly rather than as “a dirty little secret,” it may be just the life line someone else needs to ask for an arrangement of their own.

via +Working Mother Magazine #timemanagement #wahm #workfromhome

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How to Start Part Time Transcription Jobs As a Side Gig

Here’s a fast, fun and friendly look at why transcription can be an absolutely awesome side gig.

#transcription #sidejob #sidegig #sidehustle #parttimejobs

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Fulfill Your Desire to Learn New Things with Transcription Jobs

Most WAHMs rarely find time to learn new things during motherhood. There are lots of things to learn about motherhood that finding time for other things is a long short. Here's how you can fulfill your desire to learn new things with transcription jobs. #transcription #jobs #learnnewthings #workfromhome

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5 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee Every Day

Coffee is one of the sweetest beverages for many people, especially if it is brewed to perfection. However, apart from being a yummy drink, it also offers a number of health benefits and there is every reason why one should drink it every day. via +SheKnows #Health #coffee

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How to Keep Toddlers Busy at Home That’s Safe, Fun & Sure to Tire

Working from home with toddlers can be a struggle of balancing your career and parenting roles. However, you can successfully work from home while raising toddlers without pulling all your hair out. Here's how? #worklifebalance #workfromhome #wahm
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