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We wanted to make a fun web video for our new single "50 Ways To Say Goodbye". Things got a little lost in translation, but eventually we managed to get a mariachi band to show up at a random cafe and perform a cover of "50 Ways…" Watch the hilarity that ensued

p.s. our real music video for the song is coming soon! 

Download "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" off our new album "California 37" on iTunes

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Hey Train! Love the new song! All your songs are really good and I love your band!
Meg O
love the song
r u guys ever going to split???
Ikr! They are the best band- I love this band! (:
50 ways to say goodbye is one of my favorite songs! 
omg yes that is my favorite song by them!
We LOVE California 37!!  Even our 5 year old daughter does too!! =)  Keep 'em comin' guys!
nice this is going to big should be a number 1
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