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Tips Tuesday – Podcast Help, Yoast Plugins, Hack Attacks

No April Fools here! Just super tips from around the 'net - always love +MaAnna Stephenson's weekly roundup.
Hello Happy Site Owners! It’s April Fools, but you won’t find any tricks here, just the best tips from around the web. And this week I’ve got a shout out for all you podcasters about the very best support person on the planet, more super plugins from Yoast, WordPress leaking your username, info on the recent HootSuite attack, tips on how your readers buy, finding your ideal client, a super post on creating blog post images, setting and achieving ...
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11 Brilliant Podcasts To Help You Improve Your WordPress Blog Significantly

If you like to listen to podcasts, +Ileane Smith has a goldmine of 11 blogging podcasts not to miss.

The list includes +MaAnna Stephenson, +Leslie Samuel, +David Risley, +Kim Doyal...

Get the list here:
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These are great tips. Thanks for the post.
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Traffic Generation Cafe

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Coffee lovers unite and procaffinate

Good morning, Traffic Generation Café readers!
What am I doing right now? (not that you asked...) Procaffinating...

What else can I possibly be doing at 5 am, right? Sleep? Nonsense! 

Good morning, everyone!

#wakeupandsmellcoffee   #coffeelovers   #anahoffman  
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You sound very friendly, I like that and I feel I can ask you for a bit of info and you will help me (Smile), Speak soon, Steve (UK)
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75 Bite-Sized Tips to Make You a Copywriting Badass

Some of my faves:

♨  Forget about ‘we’ and ‘I’. Focus on ‘you’!
♨  Write to only one person, not the masses.
♨  “Try to leave out the parts that people skip” ~ Elmore Leonard

Great job on the post, +Konrad Sanders !
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+Konrad Sanders You are very welcome, Konrad; loved the post.
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And the truth shall set you free...

Good morning, everyone!

#wakeupandsmellcoffee   #coffeelovers   #anahoffman  
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+Traffic Generation Cafe though i am not a coffee addict, with experience of coffee addict people around I can very well say that its true!!!
Thanks for sharing this reminder/note. :-) 
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Top 25+ Best WordPress Plugins by Yoast

Most bloggers love Wordpress SEO by Yoast, but did you know that +Joost de Valk has over 25 great plugins to power your WP blog?

You can find the full list at +Muhammad Haroon blog (ht +MaAnna Stephenson )
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Traffic Generation Cafe

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Yes, you are much better off with Google+ as your main social media hub (over FB and Twitter).
YouTube, Google+, & LinkedIn drive most engaged traffic, Reddit & SU the least

Six months of sharing by 250 million people says that YouTube drives some of the most valuable web traffic of any social site, according to a study published by social sharing and analytics company +Shareaholic  this morning

_Here's the Skinny:

1.   YouTube is the undisputed champion. YT drives the most engaged traffic.

2.    Although Google+ and LinkedIn drive the fewest social referrals, they bring in some of the best visitors.

Go, Google Plusser!

3.   A referral from Twitter is as good as a referral from Facebook — at least, in terms of bounce rate, pages per visit and time on site. 

4.   Pinterest isn’t exactly the social media golden child we all play it up to be.

5.   Reddit users are the most fickle.

6.   StumbleUpon drives the least engaged referrals.

What's your take on it? How engaged are your visitors from your favorite social networks?


ht +VentureBeat 
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+Ramsay Taplin asked me what blogging shortcut I'd recommend for new bloggers.

Little I knew he was putting together an epic post with 73 bite-sized shortcuts (my favorite kind). 

Some of my favorites:

♨  Start networking from day one
♨  Focus on long-form content
♨  Know your competition
♨  Have a basic understanding of SEO only
♨  Get on Google+
♨  Limit your plugins
♨  Simplify your sidebar

...and much more.

Contributions from +Gregory Ciotti, +Joost de Valk, +Glen Allsopp, and more.

#bloggingtips   #bloggingtipsforbeginners  
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How To Use Google+ To Engage Your Audience More Effectively

If you are on Google+, you might as well make the best of it, right? BUT HOW?

+Adam Connell has great suggestions:

♨  Do something special for Google+ - example +Demian Farnworth
♨  Make the most of stunning visuals - example +Rebekah Radice 
♨  Add more detail and engage - example +Ryan Hanley 
♨  Create targeted shared circles - example +Dustin W. Stout 
♨  Share something that solves a problem for your audience - example +Mark Traphagen 
♨  Make the most of embedding Google+ posts - example +Ana Hoffman 

See Adam's full post at +Brandwatch :
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Sorry I'm late +Ana Hoffman - just wanted to say thanks for sharing :)
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And now you know the secret behind Traffic Generation Café... 
Good morning!

This is me in a nutshell...

+Vincent Messina +Barry Marks DC +Eric Enge +Tim Longwell +Michael Bennett might know what I mean more than others. 

#wakeupandsmellcoffee   #coffeelovers   #anahoffman  
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Free web traffic generation strategies that don't suck.
Traffic, traffic, traffic...
Can't do without it, but don't know how to get it?
Ana does, and she freely shares her best traffic generation advice that doesn't suck on her Traffic Generation Cafe blog. And don't forget to pick up Ana's 7 Steps to Complete Search Engine Domination free SEO report while you are at it - stop hoping for more search engine traffic and go get it!