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Traditional Conservatives - Radical Thinking

Since World War II, serious assaults on our culture, heritage, constitution and institutions have gathered apace, leaving many dismayed and eager for change. Political correctness and enforced multiculturalism have watered down our rich national character and have forced honest and intelligent people to hide their true feelings for fear of reprisals.

Today liberal-left ideas are all pervasive, whilst the Conservative Party has failed to defend or preserve anything conservative or traditional. The organic and intrinsic, social, spiritual, legal and economic institutions of the British have been undermined and destroyed in the name of vague promises of equality and prosperity, whilst a transnational ideological, managerial and corporate elite dominate Europe with little accountability. The vacuum that remains has been filled by little more than blind consumerism, broken communities and socio-economic, environmental, spiritual and moral decline.

Infused with a new generation of enthusiastic and passionate activists, the Traditional Britain Group offers a focal point to promote ideas, discussion, networking, education and traditionalist action. We seek to provide to a home to the disillusioned patriot, and through traditional and modern media, we aim to bring together a broad alliance of those who desire a genuine, radical, conservative alternative

With courage, pride and determination, the Traditional Britain Group says, ‘No more! The ancient traditions, peoples and beliefs of these isles are worth preserving. There is an alternative for Britain. The fight back begins now!’

The Traditional Britain Group's Standpoints

(1) We believe in Britain and the British people, their heritage and customs.

(2) We believe in a sovereign self-governing Britain and withdrawal from the EU.

(3) We reject all forms of foreign interference in our government.

(4) We ask for an understanding and consciousness by all our people of their nation’s greatness, achievements, and glory.

(5) We believe that the heterosexual family is the primary social unit.

(6) We believe in authority.

(7) We believe in the spiritual values of life and of the respect that is owing to man.

(8) We believe in the obligation of labour and the rolling back of the welfare state.

(9) We believe in virtue and the sacred nature of Christianity and our Established Church.

(10)We believe that our country is best served by our indigenous customs & traditions, its time-honoured hereditary principle and our monarchy.

(11) We are in favour of localism and local communities.

(12) We support the small businessman and entrepeneur.

(13) We support British industry & manufacturing.

(14) We are opposed to internationalism and globalisation

(15) We are opposed to communism, to socialism, to liberalism and to anarchism.

(16) We are opposed to mass immigration and multiculturalism

(17) We are opposed to the Class War.

(18) We are opposed to Political Correctness and support the repeal of all race-relations legislation.

(19) We are against the purely materialist conception of life.

(20) We support the Great British Countryside and its conservation for future generations.

(21) We are against all the great heresies of our age, because we have yet to be convinced that there is any part of the world where the liberty to propagate such heresies has been the cause of anything good.

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Contact info
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