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TradersCity members can now post a video of their products.

View latest B2B videos at:

Shared publicly  -, a free import export wholesale marketplace is now enabling its members of importers and exporters to track their competitive position compared to other similar companies. The free service provides B2B companies the ability to see the most frequently used searches for their products in the last 24 hours as well as in the last 30 days derived from their TradersCity listed products as well as from their own websites. Data is displayed in weighted list to quickly identify what their visitors were mostly looking for. Furthermore, they can drill down on any product to view specific product searches and the list of other products associated with it. The capability of studying associated descriptions can be used to narrow down customers’ product specifications target such as color, model, type, and other requirements.
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nice place to publish your products sell leads information, multi language leads

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TradersCity redesigned to display better on desktops, tablets, and smart phones. Hope you enjoy it
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A great place offer your products
from where we stand we see no borders
TradersCity is a 100% free for all B2B International Trade Import and Export Trade Leads and Services marketplace.

TradersCity offers importers, exporters, and international traders; free membership, unlimited number of trade lead submissions, unlimited uploads of product photos, online business chat, ability to view leads' external search keywords and statistics, country specific geo-targeting leads, competitive analysis reports, and more.

TradersCity includes many sections; Export Leads, Import Leads, International Agents and Distributors, International Suppliers and Manufacturers, International Business Travel, International Trade Financial Services, International Trade import and export joint ventures and investment opportunities. 
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