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Teacher, Traveler, Crafter
Teacher, Traveler, Crafter

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DRio de Janeiro Day 1
April 8, 2017 My good friend Caitlin from college {you might remember when she came to visit me in Taiwan !} has been living and teaching abroad since we graduated from college and I've always been tempted to go visit, but have just never taken the plunge. ...

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Flamingos, Family, & Celestún
Merida, Mexico Take 2! If you missed out on the previous few days be sure to check them out {here} & {here} After our whirlwind day checking our the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G pyramids and natural sinkhole at Chichen Itza my grandma decided she wanted in on the fun and ...

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Turn the volume up and enjoy!

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Merida, Mexico & Mi Familia!
Talk about a shotgun wedding, I think this most recent trip was just that and more {{not my wedding!!!!}}   Quick synopsis   Tuesday - teach 24 hyper 8 year olds Wednesday - spend the day flying from Ohio to Merida, Mexico Thursday - check out some little k...

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Quick Picture
Quick post today...but this picture was too pretty to share this morning, and it can only mean one thing, most blog posts on the way. Hold onto your hard hats friends, we're going for a ride!

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If you've been following along on my blog for more than 2 minutes you've probably quickly realized that one of my favorite past times while traveling is eating...ok, if I'm being honest, it's one of my favorite past times even when I'm not traveling...but, ...

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2016 in Reiview
I was so tickled pink with how my 2015 Year in Review infographic turned out, that there were no hesitations to creating a 2016 year in Review to follow up with! {If you missed my 2015 year in review you can check it out HERE } Oooh buddy, if I thought 2015...

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Tokyo Highlights Video
Finally, I'm done with another video! Life keeps trudging on and my blog gets away from me, but I promise that I haven't forgotten {{and that I have even more adventures in store for you coming up!}} After I finished my first Thailand video  I was over the ...

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Beijing Bell & Drum Towers
Clearly life has gotten the best of me & 4 months have gone by since I landed back in the USA {{HOW HAVE 4 MONTHS GONE BY ALREADY???}} and I'm just now getting around to finishing my last 2 days in Beijing.  July 12, 2016 Don't get me wrong, there were tons...

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Overnight on the Great Wall
If you missed out on my first day in Beijing and the Forbidden City, you can check it out {HERE} ! Monday, July 11 So, I apologize, I fibbed, just a bit. In my last post  I told you I visited the Forbidden City and then went to bed that night...not exactly....
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