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Tracy Repchuk
Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist - Bestselling Author - Keynote Speaker - Trusted TV Resource - Brand Architect #ReachMillions
Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist - Bestselling Author - Keynote Speaker - Trusted TV Resource - Brand Architect #ReachMillions

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#Forbes asks +Tracy Repchuk 7 Ways Boredom is Actually Good For You 

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Facebook Live Video Training

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Instagram Stories Hacks

You’re about to discover Instagram stories hacks that will help you reach your target market.

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Instagram is the second biggest social media on the web and has incredibly high engagement when compared with many of the other options. It also represents an excellent balance of time spent vs potential benefit – it takes just a few minutes to upload a photo but that single post can end up attracting thousands likes and shares and ultimately driving a lot of sales.

In the full ebook, we’ve discussed how to build a highly success Instagram account and grow it and we’ve then seen how you can make even more of an impression by using the latest Instagram Stories and Live Video features.

This cheat sheet will talk you through the entire process and provide you with a powerful blueprint for Instagram success. It’s time to write your own Instagram Success Story!

Creating a Powerful Brand

Instagram is all about selling a ‘dream’ and a lifestyle; it’s about using compelling and emotive images to inspire an audience and to get them to trust your brand and see your products and services as a way to get what they want in life.

Your job then is to make regular, consistent posts featuring inspiring and motivational imagery.

That means you need to pick a niche that you really believe in and create a brand that people can get excited about. You are going to practice what you preach and live the brand, so that you can then promote that lifestyle to your audience every day.

Try to post an image to Instagram at least once a day and keep a large folder of images for days when you have no ideas!
Use smart tags that people are likely to search for but that won’t be immediately drowned by a sea of other posts.
Building a Big Audience

The next step is to grow your Instagram account. To do this you can:

Like pictures posed by other people and leave comments. Research shows that people are complimented when a brand comments on their post, so do this and you’ll find that they will offer check out your brand in return and end up liking or following your footage too. Spend 5 minutes a day doing this to gather some momentum.

Make sure that you use your other channels to promote your Instagram. That means posting your pictures to Twitter and Facebook (you can use IFTTT) and it means mentioning your channel in your posts and in your videos (if you have a YouTube account).

Engage in influencer marketing! This means that you are going to promote other channels in exchange for them promoting your channel. This way, you can gain exposure to all of their followers (as well as testimony), which is a great way to get a massive boost in followers.
Never buy followers!
Don’t forget to simply ask your existing followers on other channels to start following you on Instagram. Mention it in your videos if you have a YouTube channel and likewise in your blog posts.

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You are going to learn how to connect with other youtubers and grow together - latest blog post. Find out more 

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3 Big Benefits of Using Youtube for Your Business

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