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Did you hear about the planes that were escorted down by jets on Sept 11? Did you not really pay attention when you heard some nonsense about bathrooms?

"What is the likelihood that two Indian men who didn’t know each other and a dark-skinned woman of Arab/Jewish heritage would be on the same flight from Denver to Detroit?"

Arrested, stripped and searched. Because they randomly sat next to each other.

I think it's time to rebel against the Patriot act. This is not safer.
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Safety, real safety, is almost never worth it.
This makes my blood boil. It's disgusting.
What a horrible thing to do to those people just because of the way they look.
Imagine if these three had been survivors from 9/11...or, close relatives of someone dear who had died.
Would have been THE ultimate insult...
This actually infuriates me. I feel the need to get involved- only I'm not sure what.
Help in forming a new political party to challenge the two existing old and powerful giants, which seem to be unable to meet their voters' aspirations, in just about everything these days?

Not just an organization that does demonstrations and collects signatures for petitions. Those are pretty useless, with little impact in the long term, no matter how many people and big names join in.
(though they do bring about awareness...)

Of course, it's easier said than done...
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