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Rachael Lee at Soulshine, Nashville 

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Just opened an Etsy shop.  Come check out StudioByThe1.
More listings to come!

My google+ app on my Samsung S3 still won't refresh. Says to check connection, but I definitely have service. It's also set to refresh on both WiFi and cell 

My auto backup hasn't been working for the last 2 days and neither will Google + app. It says to check my data, but I'm on Wi-Fi and ask of my other devices have data on the same 

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Redskin fans seem to be apathetic about the name, but maybe if the rest of the nfl fans refuse to watch their team play the skins it would have an impact. Imagine if suddenly no new York fans tuned in to see nyg play against the redskins. That audience alone is worth huge advertising dollars. 

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Merry Christmas. 

September 26th is Taco Bell and Star Wars Day.  Grab a burrito and watch an Episode 4-6.

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Mike McCarthy was clear about two beliefs on Tuesday. He believes M.D. Jennings clearly intercepted the Hail Mary pass on the final play of Monday night’s game in Seattle, and he also believes in using the passion and emotion surrounding the controversial loss to galvanize his team, beginning this week against the New Orleans Saints:

Ok, the NFL has called the bluff-they don't think anyone will boycott.  But what if we put pressure on the sponsors to put pressure on the NFL?  Verizon and Visa are out of reach, but we can hold off on buying Papa John's Pizzas, Pepsi, Bud Light, and Gatorade until this whole debacle is over.  It's easy enough to support their competitors.
#replacementrefs #greenbaypackers 
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