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Issh really hitting the fan at RIM. Explains a lot as things have seen to go downhill since the 8800 in my opinion.. Nope, wasn't a fan of Bold or Torch.
BGR published an open letter to Research In Motion yesterday from an anonymous high-level RIM executive who begged for senior management to take notice o.
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Personal opinion from someone in the industry:
RIM had a basic monopoly on enterprise devices. However, the speed of evolution of "smartphones" went WAY faster than RIM was either able to keep pace with or decided to keep pace (possibly assuming their massive enterprise in-base was safe). RIM hardware has been on a serious decline in evolution as well as quality for years now. I still remember going from a device I could toss across a parking lot.. pick up and make a call to a "new" Blackberry that I returned several times due to shoddy craftsmanship.

Up until recently, RIM was only competing with MS in the enterprise arena and MS still hasn't REALLY improved their mobile OS from Windows CE IMO. Then came adoption of the iPhone and now Android devices in corporate environments.. this is the current death of Blackberry if they cannot figure out to compete with the full realm of functionality provided by today's smartphones.

IMO Quick Messaging Devices are still valid for some (younger demographics) but for many were a gateway from your basic phone to a Smartphone and these people are skipping the Blackberry experience entirely. QMDs are likely going to stutter along but many of their users will graduate to an Android or iPhone.

Apple and Google each have their own strategy as to how to get as many people using one of their devices but the constant is both are succeeding, and at a great cost to RIM. I don't personally know what RIM has/can do to make a comeback. I don't see it personally. I think it is very possible that the mix of BB devices in use will continue to decline until RIM is toast or possibly acquired for a portion of their business.

Just my $0.02 but I've been watching this downfall with interest for a while and the recent information provided by BGR just seems to validate much of what I have been thinking.
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