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Tracy Batwinas

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Our beloved Teri-Lynn Anderson...
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Tracy Batwinas

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Our beloved Teri-Lynn Anderson...
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Tracy Batwinas

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Being on Google+... 

”A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” (Amelia Earhart)

{Tip 1} Be Kind: in anything you say, think or do on Google+ ... and it will naturally draw others to converse with you … if someone is snarky at your kindness, or calls it airy fairy don’t let that stop you, simply deepen your kindness even more ... and you will create relationships grounded in kindness.

”If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world.” (Francis Bacon)

{Tip 2} Be Courteous and Gracious: If you cultivate a quality of grace in all relationships, thoughts, and actions … and are considerate, courteous, attentive, and gentle even in disagreements …  then again others will be drawn in and engagements/relationships will flourish.

”Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.” (Corita Kent)

{Tip 3} Be Mindful: Google+ serves up an endless banquet of delights ... it is undeniably addictive (in the best sense of the word :-) .. and it is easy to be overwhelmed and lose balance … so its best to be mindful - pause often, pay attention to what's here, and “savor” the surrounding delights, ... and then engage ... and again you'll draw those that are interested in harmonious engagements.

When we apply these principles in Google+, as well as our daily lives, we create engagements that open the way to collaboration, gratitude, and trust in relationships.

You will find a most useful list of Google+ tips under   #PYBAcademy   and a wealth of handy resources in
Thank You +martin shervington  and +Plus Your Business!  for this academy and your leadership. You have made my Google+ journey a real delight!

All quotes from
Image: by me, via +Canva 
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Tracy Batwinas

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This looks interesting.  Worth a try?
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If you're losing interest in G+, participating in circle sharing will rivitalize you to a better and more enjoyable experience that no other social network can give you, where just to build a small audience you'll need years of hard work and lots of money spent in ads.

Thanks to all of you participating. 

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Tracy Batwinas

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I just loved this and had to share.  Enjoy!
Buddha was asked,
"What have you gained from Meditation?"
He replied:
However, let me tell you what I have lost:
Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of old age and Death."

#Buddha     #Lotus   #Meditation  
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Tracy Batwinas

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Our beloved Teri-Lynn Anderson
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Tracy Batwinas

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Our beloved Teri-Lynn Anderson...
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Tracy Batwinas

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Our beloved Teri-Lynn Anderson...
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Tracy Batwinas

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#SharedCircles   is a very powerful way to extend your #influence.  Here's a project working to leverage it - to your advantage!!!

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Tracy Batwinas

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New Study Predicts Impending Collapse of Industrial Civilization!

For years, scientists and social activists have warned that income inequality, resource depletion, and unchecked population growth could lead to the collapse of civilization. However policy makers have so far regarded these assertions as little more than the predictions of delusional cardboard sign-carrying oracles on street corners.

A new study by researchers from the University of Maryland and the University of Minnesota confirms these terrifying prophesies, stating that industrialized society as we know it could completely collapse within the next few decades.

To avoid an apocalypse, the scientists urge economic equality, stark decreases in consumption, and the fairer distribution of resources.

Energy production should rely on cleaner, renewable technologies and support a smaller, more conservative population. If humans are to survive on the planet, immediate political action is needed to curtail the runaway growth of the economy, the threat of pollution, and the unfair allocation of wealth. To preserve not just the quality of life but its very existence, it is time to restore balance to both natural and social systems.
A NASA-funded study predicts the demise of global, industrialized society.
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Tracy Batwinas

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Have It All! Have It Now! Tracy Batwinas is a No B.S. coach for making money online so that you can Have It Now!
You Can Have It Now!
Bragging rights
Screwed up and spent my money on an education instead of boobs and now I have to work for my money. Who knew?
  • Florida International University
    Psychology, 1995 - 1997
  • Miami Dade College
    Pre-Bachelor, 1990 - 1993
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Friends, Networking
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Tracy A. Turner, Tracy Phaup
Your No B.S. Partner for making money online.
Lifelong geek; was on the 'net before it became the 'net and starting making money online in 1999.
  • Direct Impact Social, Inc.
    Founder, 1999 - present
    Tuesday, April 19, 2016 1:01 PM Tracy Batwinas is the head of the Direct Impact Social group, a consulting firm that specializes in offering Social Media services to Internet Marketers, Professional Bloggers and Infopreneurs. Their services range from content management and creation to blog and website management and creation, as well as every aspect of the marketing process. Find out more about how their services can benefit your bottom line at
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