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Tracy Barnett
Unrelenting font of ideas both good and bad.
Unrelenting font of ideas both good and bad.


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Hey, guess what? I've started an actual play RPG podcast! It's called TheOtherCast. We're playing Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and having a great time doing it. Episodes will drop every Sunday.
Here are some links to it.

And if you like it, you can support it at:
I hope you give it a listen and like what you hear!

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Did you read my first novel, Sveidsdottir? (No? Well go pick it up!

Well, I've published Part 1 of the sequel, Dragon & Sparrow, to my Patreon! As little as $1/month gets you access to each part as it releases. Plus, y'know, all my design notes, free games as I post them, links to my video game streams, etc.

So go on, get yourself a Christmas present of some epic Norse fantasy fiction on a monthly basis.

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I've been thinking about progress and how it's not always straightforward. Decided to use Medium for the first time to write about it. I liked the platform. Will probably use it again.

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Other writer, Patreon folks with per-creation setups: What all do you give as supporter-exclusive rewards?

I get paid per blog post. Those posts are behind-the-scenes development work. worldbuilding, etc. As I draft new content (fiction or game design), I post those drafts as exclusive content for supporters. Beyond that, I'm trying to come up with other rewards that might interest people. I'd like to build my support some more.

For the reward tiers, I've got a Podcast at $50, a game of Pitch Tag at $100, consultations at $200, gaming with me at $350. As I'm typing this, I'm thinking my dollar amounts for those might be too high.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? The Patreon page is linked for reference. Thanks!

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I love you and I adore you: A letter writing game
Hello all! I wrote a game that I'm hoping you'll enjoy! It's a queer love letter writing game inspired by the love letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lenora Hickok, and it's very simple and hopefully easy. It's fully story based, but has some rules on communi...

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