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Tracy Baker
Living Life on my terms, with support from Spirit.
Living Life on my terms, with support from Spirit.


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I missed #MusicMonday  

Be inspired today... stand sing dance around... 

Wow the Bongos and Horn Section... Fantastic!

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Good Morning Plus.
How would you describe your life... One Word... 
I cannot narrow it down.  As I mover through the list and evaluate I know I can handle Life with the Strength and Help  Offered to me. 

Have a Blessed Day

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Morning Google... 

Hey did you see +Helen Crosbie  card for today.... 
#UnicornMagic   all the way...
"The Angels are here today to let you know that you have many talents, skills and gifts, just waiting to be uncovered and used."

Find Your Power today... 
As we get closer to the New Year and all the Hope and Resolutions of a Fresh start.... 

What do You want to Learn?
What Talent have you not Utilized? 

As Helen says... The Universe wants you to live a Happy Life.  the Energy is there... Plug in and Do Great Things....

Happy Day do all....
Unicorn Ping to 
+Nora Whalen +Jessica Dewell +Phil Bowyer +Shawndra Higgins +Lany Sullivan +Katrina Pfannkuch  +Mani Saint-Victor +Stephanie Sims +Christine L Bowen    and everyone Else I forgot
Card of the Day today is You are Gifted

Today's crystals are Rhodonite and Amethyst - the calm and balance to be our true selves in a hectic world.

Did you know that you're much more talented that you realise?

Many of us were told as children that we were stupid or less-than or even worse ignored so many of us don't know just what we're capable of.

Even those of us who had good parents and happy childhoods are unlikely to have fulfilled our full potential, because schools and teachers don't tell us just what we are really capable of!

The Angels are here today to let you know that you have many talents, skills and gifts, just waiting to be uncovered and used.

There is so much more you can do, and Heaven wants you to live a happy fulfilled life, living up to you true potential!

What is it that you'd like to do or try? Find a course, read a book and learn something new!

It may be a skill that you already have but lack confidence to show others. Don't hold back, play that instrument, sing, dance, start that business, give massages, readings, whatever it is that you want to do!

You CAN achieve so much more than you already have, and life should be a fun adventure of discovery, and personal achievement.

So never mind who told you that you "couldn't" do something, or you were "rubbish" at it. Do it anyway and prove them wrong.

Many people will tear your dreams down because it reminds them that they never followed their own.
Don't listen to them.

The truth is in your heart, so follow your inspiration and show the world your gifts.

#angelwingsholistics #angels #psychic #psychicreadings #oracle #cardoftheday #unicorns

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The Trek East began Nov, 11th...
Just 200 miles away from my new home... 

The drive has been amazing. 
Mom navigating and the Beauty of the  landscape.... 
Great Hotel staff at the #laQuinta each night and mornings. 

Ready for the next Great Adventure. 
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Treasure Chest for the Day. 

+Helen Crosbie card of the day... 

The Universe is Conspiring for your Abundance. 
Are You Asking? 
Are You saying Thank You? 

Do You Belive.. The Universe is Conspiring...

Oh Yes I do.
Thank You So much Helen.

#abundance   #thankyou   #believe  
Card of the Day today is Treasure Chest

This is a wonderfully exciting card! The energy today brings gifts and help to everyone.

If you've asked for financial support, it's on its way.
The Universe has heard your call for assistance and help is at hand. Remember to say thank you!

Unexpected windfalls or money that had been lost or forgotten about is likely to turn up at the moment.

Remember though, that the abundance of the Universe doesn't just show up as money, although it will do for many of us today.

Money is simply one energy of exchange, there are many others including food, gifts, help from others when you need it, kindness and love.

The Universe is showering abundance on all of us today so remember to show your love and gratitude for whatever you receive. No matter how small. Open your heart and say thank you joyfully to the Universe for everything today, and even more will come to you.

When we are angry or ungrateful, it makes it harder for the Universe to send us what we want. That's why I often talk about how important it is to have an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude isn't about feeling lowly or bowing down, it's about joining in with the joy of the Universe and feeling wonderful, like a child on Christmas morning!

So allow yourself to feel happy and excited today, and know that abundance is coming your way.

The whole world is your treasure chest.

#angelwingsholistics #mermaids #psychic #psychicreadings #abundance

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Self Care is not Selfish.
Having been told by mentors for many years.... 

It is hard to get used to... 
Taking myself to dinner
getting Flowers for myself
a Pampering massage
taking a Hike, no matter how much work needs to be done...

WOW! Today's Angel reminds us to be in love with ourselves. 
How Will You practice Self Love today? 

#selfcare   #selflove  
Card of the Day today is Angel Chantall

Chantall is a love angel and brings loving feelings, romantic stirrings and the peaceful, blissful feeling of being loved unconditionally.

Today Chantal's message is about love, but not how we usually think about it. It's about the love relationship that you have with yourself.

Yes, that's right. Are you in love with you? I don't mean in a vain or narcissistic way, but your relationship with yourself should be your greatest love story of all.

Are you taking care of your needs and showing yourself kindness as a lover should?

Are you remembering to treat yourself well, choosing delicious healthful foods, gifts and flowers?
Do you ever romance yourself? It's fun, try it!

Self-love is extremely important but many of us only pay lip service to it and end up putting ourselves last, putting ourselves down or being unkind to ourselves in ways we would never treat other people, especially not ones that we love.

So show yourself some love today. It doesn't have to cost money. You could take a nice walk in the sunshine, have an aromatherapy bath or treat yourself to a manicure.

Think nice thoughts about yourself - no more beating yourself up! You wouldn't tell a friend they were stupid so why do you say these things to yourself?!

Whatever you do, remember that your first love in this lifetime will always be you. You will be with you your whole life, so nurture that loving relationship with yourself so that you come to enjoy spending time alone in your own company.

Treat yourself with the love and kindness you deserve and make your love relationship with yourself your biggest priority.

#angelwingsholistics #angels #cardoftheday #psychic #psychicreadings #love

Are you looking for love but feel stuck? Love life messy or non-existent? Tired of painful relationships?

There may be a spiritual reason for this, spiritual ties may literally be holding you back from finding your true love.

Is that fair? No!

That's why I've created a powerful solution for you.

It's called the Psychic Scan and Tie Cutting package. This powerful and comprehensive session will make huge spiritual changes and help release you from your past, getting you ready to magnetise the love you seek.

To book, call Helen now on 07795 818646 or email

You can also find out more and book online at

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Life is full of change. 

As I walk my Path, I am not certain where life will take me, what turns and twists will appear. All I can do is Do My Best everyday. 

As life changes direction, I'll flow with it.
Katrina Kaif

I have believed that people come and go throughout our lives to share and teach and offer each of us opportunity to Become who we are meant to be… 
Yes this concept is easy to conceptualize but often hard to live.

3 weeks ago, I made the decision  that my husband and best friend of 12 years had taught each other all the face to face lessons we could learn from each other. 

We decided to divorce and move further on our paths. 

One of my favorite quotes is… 
When you change the way you look at things the Things you look at change. 

staying in connection and focus with All the Positive aspects of my life,

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.” 
― Martha Washington

I am Grateful to all the love and support from my G Plus social media family and friends, and look forward to my next great adventure. 
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It is almost time for Network  Round Table... 

Today we will be talking about Asking... 
What are you Asking for? 
Do you find it Hard to Ask for help in your life and in your business? 

Come join in the conversation. 
See You soon
Network RoundTable: Inspiration, Motivation and Education during your Small Biz Happy Hour

Friday, October 31, 2014
12:42 pm MST (2:42 pm EST, 1:42 pm CST, and 11:42 pm PST)

This Weeks Guest:   

Let us know what you think about "Wisdom" by filling in this quick survey:

Mobile Link: 
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Network Round Table,  is back for the Season of Movement!
From now until the end of 2014, we’ll be talking with our guests about the different aspects of movement and how movement (in all its forms) impacts your business.
We’ll inspire and motivate you at the beginning of the show, so that your energy is up and your stress is down. Then, it’s time to get educated – by our guest and by YOU, our   . We believe that sharing experiences is one of the most powerful ways to learn, so we want to hear from you about your experience with this week’s subject: 
Do you need to use "Asking" to be successful in business? Are there things you don't need to learn about Asking, or is there such a thing as too much Asking? No son I have no idea why zebras have strips. Was that unclear anytime in the last 10 days? Okay let go look it up on Google. HEHE

Get the conversation started on the event page, and of course, post any questions you’d like to have answered during the show!
And don’t forget the Lightning Round! It’s up to YOU to tell us how this week’s show moved you. Did you have an “aha” moment, were you able to identify with something that was said? We want to hear all about it with the hashtag    after the show.
Katrina Pfannkuch #CreativeKatrina  

Do you create life, or does life create you?

I help people move past creative and/or mental blocks and guide them to become clear, focused and more expressive in their business or creative work. I zero in on what needs to shift using specific intuitive and healing insights, and offer practical, easily applicable tools to empower clients to become clear, grounded and invite more creativity, balance and flow into their daily life. 

I also speak and write about creativity, mindfulness, self-care, entrepreneurship and a variety of topics related to personal development. My one-on-one work and classes focus on reconnecting with the inner creative spark, and simple ways to help entrepreneurs and creatives make self-care part of everyday life so they are happier, in tune with their inner voice and feel more fulfilled. 

Personal Passions: Yoga, animals, learning to cook new dishes, reading, writing poetry, holistic health, riding my bike and anything that makes me crack up laughing.

With sound financial advice for the small business owner, we have   . Each week, Stephanie will help us understand a little more about money management and its evil twin, finance. She believes that every owner has the ability to control their financial destiny, they just need to believe in their ability to do it!
Me...well...I’m   run the tech on this HOA. I have owned a mortgage company, roofing company, alternative/solar energy manufacturing business and for the last 5 years have spent most of my time in online Promotion. Now I spend all of my time creating Hangouts On Air through my HOA production company   

See ALL of the Episodes Here:
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Learn more about our hosts
Dennis N. Duce
Stephanie Sims:

Production by

Check out the NWRT Google+ About Page for our updated list of  and  

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Today is Love... 

+Helen Crosbie  post her card, into #healthyyou  
Intention of the day and today is Love.
Her message: 
"This card is particularly poignant today with the New Moon Eclipse, which is a time of transformation into a new way of being, accompanied by a letting go of anything old or worn out that no longer serves you. 

Old, difficult feelings or thought patterns may have surfaced of late, but rest assured that they are just echoes; memories of an old you, an old way, and they will soon pass and be gone forever."  

I am in transition right now.... I made a very difficult  decision to not live in a pattern.  

How often do we not make the changes in our lives? 

Today live in the Love and Trust that our Angles are here for us. 

Thank you Helen for this beautiful message today. 

#love   #trust   #youareloved  
Well trust me to pick my favourite card in the world on my birthday!

Card of the Day today is Love

You are so very loved by the Angels.

You are a perfect child of God and nothing you do is ultimately wrong or unforgivable.

This card is particularly poignant today with the New Moon Eclipse, which is a time of transformation into a new way of being, accompanied by a letting go of anything old or worn out that no longer serves you.

Old, difficult feelings or thought patterns may have surfaced of late, but rest assured that they are just echoes; memories of an old you, an old way, and they will soon pass and be gone forever.

Your new beautiful life starts today.

Unconditional Love from Heaven is all around you now and forever. Love is all there is and is what we are made from, even though it often doesn't feel that way.

Take a moment to close your eyes and feel the Love of your Angels all around you.

You are Loved and You are Love.
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