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Hello community,

a happy new year to you guys. Since the Map of the Year voting has ended, we can officially an...

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Hello TrackBase community and merry christmas to everyone!
Now the time has come. You can vote for the Map of the...

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Hello TrackBase community!

As the year is coming to an end again, it is time to vote for the most loved map of...

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The final month of the year has just begun.
Time to buy christmas presents, play a few more hours your favorite game, and of course exchange our top nav with the more winterly-like look.
How does it look like at your place when you take a look outside the window? Did it already snow?
Ah, and by the way: We've got a new poll question. Check out our page and answer whether you are more the christmassy person or not. 😏


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Hello community!
Today is October, 10th. It's our 6th birthday.
We'd like to thank everyone who is still...

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We promised you we were gonna take your votes seriously and will be coding whatever you want next!
First of all thank you everyone who voted in our poll.
Of course we are already deep into code trying to achieve something great, something new that will eventually - hopefully - enrich the experience we all have when visiting TrackBase.
If you haven't voted yet, please do so on our Tracker ( as we will close the poll during the next week.

Now, what do you think are we gonna build?
Take a guess here or on our other social media channels and we might reply if it's getting closer to what it actually is.

P.S. It's not something you would code in one or two hours ;)

Facebook post:

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Even though the summerly weather isn't really breaking through yet, it is time for something new. We're about to get something done for you guys, since we've got some time off university which can and will be used for coding ;)

Please vote on the Tracker for the option you'd like us do next. Note, you can only vote once, so choose the highest priority option :)

We'll get onto the two options with the most votes first and will be publishing new things soon.
Thanks for participating :)

Here's the link to the ET Tracker where the poll is located:

New Update: 2016/1 is now live.
Check out all the changes:

#trackbase #trackbasenet #dev #code #update #live #2016

🔵 New: Contribute to Trackbase and get money-equivalent TB Points!

So far you received 20 points each time you helped filling useful map information.

Now, additionally, you will get points every time you level up your contributions.

(Currently only map votes increase your contributions counter)

Have a nice day, fellows! 😉 

Happy weekend!😊
It's so awesome to have free time to relax and play games after an exhausting week.

#weekend #relaxed #trackbase 
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