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Binding worlds to the page
Binding worlds to the page


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Celebrating #IndieAuthorDay by recognizing some awesome science fiction and fantasy books by indie authors I've read over the last few months. I could go on and on, but I'll stick with 10. Read mini-reviews and get links to each book in the blog post below!

Nice Dragons Finish Last (Heartstrikers #1) by +Rachel Aaron
Air Awakens (Air Awakens, #1) by +Elise Kova
The Path of Flames (Chronicles of the Black Gate, #1) by Phil Tucker
Orison by Daniel Swensen
Star Nomad (Fallen Empire, #1) by +Lindsay Buroker
Blood Honor (The Day After Never, #1) by Russell Blake
CyberStorm by +Matthew Mather
White Feather (Protectors of Xil Book 1) by +CJ Parmenter
Derelict (Halcyone Space, #1) by +Lisa Cohen
Bound in Blue by H. Hamilton-Senter

Like I said, I could go on and on, but these 10 will be a great start to anyone looking to read more indies! Lots of great epic fantasy, urban fantasy, space opera, etc. to choose from!

#scifi #fantasy #spaceopera #indie #author #indieauthors #sciencefiction
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ROFL -- This made my night! Can't wait to see Bladerunner 2049 in theaters tomorrow. Harrison Ford's expression is priceless! I will be looking forward to this scene.

#scifi #bladerunner #sciencefiction
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Happy birthday to Mark Hamill, whose wonderful voice I've lately been listening to as Fire Lord Ozai. This article has me LOLing IRL.

#starwars #captainAmerica #wintersoldier
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ZOMG I can't wait for Thor! (More Loki, please!)

#Marvel #Thor #movies
We must save Asgard. Get tickets to see #ThorRagnarok in theaters November 3!
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I'm trying out this free online course called Self-Publishing Mastery by Iain Rob Wright and thought some of you might be interested as well. Yes, it really is free. Topics:
Amazon KDP Exclusivity (KU)
Keywords in depth
Using HTML code in your description
Pricing strategy
Tracking sales with Book Report
Building your website
Building your mailing list
Social media
Other income
Advertising on FB & AMS

Obviously, YMMV, but I think there will be some good nuggets in here if nothing else. Always take someone else's experiences with a grain of salt. After all, he started in 2011, and he's writing horror. If you didn't and you're not, your writing and publishing path will be different. But see what you can glean! It's free!

#writetip #writing #publishing
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It's (almost) Read an Ebook Day! What are you reading on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or other ereader app?

You can follow the slightly awkward hashtag #readanebookday on social media to read all about it. (Am I the only one who reads that as Read a Nebook Day?)

Apparently OverDrive originally thought up the day to celebrate ebooks. Now they’ve got a new app called Libby that lets you download or stream ebooks from your library. It has cool features like letting you push the ebooks to your Kindle app to read if you prefer. Go watch the video here:

Your library may let you download The Last of the Ageless and the companion short stories using Libby and Overdrive. Or you can get it for $2.99 for Kindle.

Directed by his tribe’s belief in the Ancient Teachings, Dalan saved the life of a fellow shapeshifter, only to learn she didn’t need rescued at all — quite the opposite — Nyr deserved to die.

Show your #ebooklove here:

Or (if you insist on paper), buy the paperback locally here:
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I'm writing with the window open and I can smell the neighbors mowing their lawn. A glorious night for writing!
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This article on reader proxies--like Watson in Sherlock Holmes or Harry in the Harry Potter books--is well thought out. It has some great insights.

I personally was never able to "inhabit" Nick from the Great Gatsby and found him utterly mediocre, but Harry Potter is certainly a good example of a reader proxy I was drawn into from the first page. Though it offers some strategies on how to create a reader proxy, this article doesn't quite get to the tactical level. I was wondering if using "you" is common, like in the Great Gatsby examples. That would be my only critique.

I look forward to reading other great articles from Standout.

#writetip #writing #readers
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"Confucius said 'he who thinks he can and he who thinks he can't are both usually right'. Believe that you can accomplish things. Believe that good things will happen, and that the world can be a brighter place. Your quality of life will improve" ...

"Choosing to be positive and cheerful will have an immediate change on your daily life. You will be happier. You will rediscover enthusiasm. People will suddenly want to spend more time around you. Every part of your day will improve, all because your mindset is different. You can't control the events that occur, but you can absolutely control how you choose to interpret them."

"Did someone just cut you off in traffic? Re-frame your usual reaction. You can get pissed off, or you can choose to assume that person didn't see you. Maybe their mother just died, and they're crying as they head to the funeral. You have no idea, so choose to believe the best. Anger hurts only you, so take a different path. You'll be glad you did."

From Chapter 10: Self-Improvement of Lifelong Writing Habit: The Secret to Writing Every Day by Chris Fox

I really like this. We're surrounded by enough negativity. Why add to it? Why not be a positive force in the world?

#writetip #writing #writingtips
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My friend and critique partner Jeff has just published a book called A Call to China. No, it's not scifi or fantasy, but the depth of the "worldbuilding" will pull you in anyway. Ian Johnson, a Pulitzer-Prize winning writer covering China for Baltimore's The Sun and The Wall Street Journal describes the setting of "pre-war China, missionaries, Japanese detention camps, postwar America, and reform-era China" in Jeff's novel as "rich and imaginative" and goes on to say:

"Built around two strong women, the novel immerses us in Chinese and Christian religious communities, showcasing the author's deep knowledge of China, religion and faith. Holding it all together is a riveting plot--a kidnapping whose effects span decades and continents."

Read the first chapters on any device here:

Buy it on Amazon here:

Victoria doesn’t know she’s lost...

A child of American missionaries disappears at a Beijing festival in 1940 and is never seen again. Although devastated, the parents continue their dedicated missionary work in China. After the birth of a second child, Japanese occupiers force the family into a detention camp.

Olivia embarks on a quest to find her sister...

Years later, the story continues as two sisters, raised in two different cultures, begin a search for identity and family. Set against the background of revolutionary change in 20th century China and America, China-born and American-raised Olivia hears her “call to China” and embarks on her own mission through the exotic country to find the sister she never knew.

Read the first chapters on any device here:

Buy it on Amazon here:

(Note: the Amazon affiliate links above earn me a tiny finder's fee without charging you any extra)

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