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Great article by Hugh Howey with Joe Konrath's added commentary. 
Joe sez: Go and join the fun over at if you want to see Hugh Howey blow the lid off of Amazon author earnings. To say it is a revelation is putting it lightly.  I've also duplicated the entire report h...
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Tracey Edwards

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Yes indeed. Don't give up, dear writer. Never admit defeat.
You, dear writer, are going to fail. Miserably. Until you succeed. You will be alone. Until you are embraced with open arms. We are going to make fun of you (giddily.) Until we come to respect you....
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How about a fun writing challenge?

Write 50-100 words. Romance. 
Extra points if you use the word 'cobweb'.

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'You ok up there?' Jen shone the torch into the manhole that Jim had disappeared into.
'Nearly done' bang. First one leg, then the other as he emerged from the darkness and carefully stepped down the ladder.
Jen smiled, kissed him gently.
'Thank you for fixing that'
'Can't have you without TV can we?' Jim had that lopsided grin she loved. She reached and brushed the cobweb from his hair and knew she was in love.
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Tracey Edwards

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12 books in 12 months. I can do that. Right?
Last post I said that my goals for the next twelve months was to write seven books. But that really wasn't pushing myself much was it? I've now upped that to twelve. So that's my new goal – one book per month. These books probably won't be full-sized. More like novella length (20000-40000 words) ...
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That's a lot of writing, Tracy 
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Tracey Edwards

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6000 words today. Not bad for someone with a head cold. 
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Tracey Edwards

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Merry Christmas all. Hope it's a good one!
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Happy New Year!
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Tracey Edwards

Running Your Business  - 
Have you read APE (Guy Kawasaki's publishing book) yet? He's offering it for free for a limited time for all authors, which is cool (I actually bought my copy when it was first released). Here are the deets if you're interested:
APE + Nanowrimo. We want you to succeed as an author, so here is a free copy of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch. "Essential reading (and reference) for modern authors, regardless of experience." Kirkus Reviews ...
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+Guy Kawasaki I've checked with Amazon before, you're not allowed to use your Amazon affiliate link within your ebook. You're allowed to link to products and books, but not with an affiliate link. There's lots of Terms and Conditions to read through to find that little tidbit of information, but it's there (affiliate operating manual or somesuch). ;D
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Tracey Edwards

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I've settled into a comfortable pace writing this novel. Let's see if I can keep it up #pencilscrossed
Since pushing myself (and getting a little over-enthusiastic at my abilities), I've come to settle into a rhythm of a comfortable 10000 words a week. I know that probably doesn't sound impressive considering some authors can manage nearly that per day (I'm looking at you Dean Wesley Smith and ...
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Tracey Edwards

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why do I always freak out when I hit the publish button on KDP? #nevergetseasier   #ampublishing  
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Tracey Edwards

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Anyone ever use gamification to inspire yourself to write? I often give myself 'rewards' for meeting goals. While this TED Talk vid isn't about writing per se, I thought it was a good motivational one (especially for +Belinda Pepper who loves games).
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You can always use It is adjustable to your goals ;-) Here another article about it SY
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