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Do I need to register with a specific trade body if I want to use barcodes on my food labels? 

The best thing you can do is ask your retailers what do they want to see on the labels. I always tell my customers to do that first. Once you know, you can create your own barcodes in various ways. You can use a labeling program, such as Nicelabel or Bartender. You can even use some of the free labeling programs that come with your printer. You can also create the barcodes in Excel, by putting in the numbers and downloading a barcode font such as code 39, or EAN 128 (recommended) or UPC.
Thank you Orit. Two days ago I went to one of the potential retailers and she said we can choose to have barcodes or not. Since theyre only selling locally in Bali, they didnt even care if there was any information besides the name and ingredients of the product. But Im thinking that if we are going to sell outside Bali, then we will need something legitimate.

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How can I create my own UPC barcode?

Orit Pennington, From Data to Labels - we are the barcode experts
You can generate your own UPC barcodes, but these cannot be used by large retail stores as they will not be GS1 (as explain in the answer below). The easiest way to generate barcodes and to print them is to use a label design program. These ready made packages have many types of barcodes and will convert your information into whatever barcode you want. Some of the most common are: Bartender and NiceLabel.

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Learn how you can print barcode labels from QuickBooks on the fly

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Trying to figure out google - apparently all my connections are private? So please if you can join our official TPGTEX page.
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