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Node.js blog application. an alternative of WordPress for node.js
Node.js blog application. an alternative of WordPress for node.js


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Hello Friends,

We’re happy to announce the first release of Tovolt, an open source node.js blog application inspired by WordPress.

For the last several months we have been working on Tovolt and are very excited for its initial release. We have been using WordPress since its initial release and have developed many commercial sites, themes and plugins for WordPress. We love WordPress but also have a passion for JavaScript and Node.js, so we decided to build a blog application similar to WordPress using Node.

The initial release includes similar features to WordPress, such as:

• Custom Post Type and Taxonomy
• Hooks (actions and filters)
• Themes/Widget/Menus
• Plugins

With some technical details:

• Using Express.js, MongoDB
• Modular structure
• Easy to hook, customize and override
• Easy to understand
• Socket and clustered enabled
• High-level API
• Easy to install

We’ve tried to make the learning curve for Tovolt as easy as possible. If you know JavaScript, have done WordPress development, then that's all you need to start. We’ve tried to keep the coding style similar to WordPress. (see sample code snippets below)

Tovolt is still actively being developed and the alpha release can be downloaded on GitHub. We are scheduled to release the first version of Tovolt at the end of October 2016.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

Some sample code can be seen here:…/5e78d3a3bd4209d331b1116f5cc9be06

GitHub repository (currently empty).

The Tovolt Team
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