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This is interesting: the most common iPhone passwords. -->
Most Common iPhone Passcodes. Jun 13, 2011 iPhone. UPDATE (06/14/11 5:30pm): Big Brother Removed From App Store In my last update to Big Brother Camera Security (Free), I added some code to record com...
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Hah. :P I can see why 1234 or 0000 or 5555 might be common. But why 1998? Is it the person's birth year or does it mean something else. And 5683? Why is that common?

Also, boo on someone scraping passwords, even if anonymously.

Also boo on Apple for saving the passwords in a way that could be scraped. >.<
Wow. Factory set passwords. And peopl wonder why certain people have lost faith in humanity. >.< changes his passowrd quickly <.< ... >.>
You realize they'd have to wrest your iPhone from your cold, dead hands first, right?
A benefit, yes. :P

Still, a bit of a hole in Apple's security there. I wonder now how many sneaky apps will have this added? Did Apple know he'd done that, or did they only know after he admitted to doing it?

If they didn't know until he fessed up, that could bode ill for iPhone (and iPod and iPad) users.
LOVE as a password? Guess that's up there with secret and password. :P
Surprise, I am, that 7399 wasn't up there.
7 P Q R S
3 D E F
9 W X Y Z
9 W X Y Z
... well that's my guess.
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