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Holiday Package 2016
Touch Therapeutic Massage Holiday Package is the ultimate indulgence. Enjoy this massage session enhanced with the use of essential oils to help you relax, restore and rejuvenate! A total head to toe treatment including a rejuvenating full body massage, a scalp massage restoring balance, a calming treatment for tired eyes using herbal eye pads, facial massage promoting circulation while relaxing the muscles to relieve tension, hot towels soaked in a blend of essential oils for the neck and back relieving muscular aches followed by a soothing foot massage using a hydrating shea butter cream.
Gift certificates now available online at
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Why work the SOURCE of pain and not just the area where SYMPTOM of pain is felt?

The area of pain/tension and where the pain originates from can be different places. I often get clients asking me to work at an area where they are feeling pain.Often these areas are so locked up that to release them totally not only can be painful but requires more than just a few sessions on the table.
Now it’s important to understand that WHERE you are feeling the pain and the SOURCE can be different. I have found this to be true when clients present lower back pain. By working the hips and possibly releasing tight hamstrings lower back pain is relieved. Usually my clients are not even aware of tightness in the hips/ hamstrings and how it can relate to lower back pain.

My approach is to treat the source of the pain and not just the symptomatic area. I have found this method to be more effective in relieving pain and giving longer lasting results.
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Why is Breath important while getting a massage?
Slow and deep breathing relaxes the mind and body therefore a crucial tool while getting a massage and further maximizing the benefits of your massage session.
Most of my clients are not aware of their breathing while on the table and naturally an unconscious reflex. Making a conscious effort to focus on your breath while getting a massage not only enhances relaxation but increases circulation to the area being worked allowing your muscles to release further. With breath awareness, without even realizing you are now also meditating.
Enhance your next massage session for deeper release of both mind and your body by incorporating your breath!

Now accepting Spa finder and Spa wish gift cards. 

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Now registered to accept Spafinder Giftcards! Book yourself a massage and redeem your gift card at Touch Therapeutic Massage.
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