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Totally Unscripted
A Google Apps Script Community Show
A Google Apps Script Community Show


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Totally Unscripted is back and this time we have +Martin Hawksey looking at how you can use conversational interfaces in Google Apps Script. Using Dialogflow from Google we show how to can respond to users free text input to extract their intent.

As part of this Martin will also introduce Google Hangouts Chat and how Google Apps Script can be used to create bots that can interact with users. Join us on 11 December 2018 at 7pm GMT

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TU18: Educational Add-ons Spotlight - Just in Time Teaching with Side Study - Friday 02 November @ 7pm GMT

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we'll be premiering a pre-recorded conversation with Jason Carlson (Active Learning Works) and Steve Webster (SW gApps) talking about the Side Study Docs and Sheets add-ons. Side Study lets you create custom, interactive assignments where students actively engage with content and classmates. As part of this we have a look at the add-on functionality exploring some of the design challenges and an overview of how these were solved.

More about Side Study -

To learn more about SW gAPPS services and products, visit

This episode of Totally Unscripted we will be a YouTube Premiere -

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TU17 Exclusive: Local Stackdriver Log Streaming with clasp

In this exclusive from Totally Unscripted 17 Grant Timmerman demonstrates a new feature of clasp, a Google App Script Command Line Interface which lets you stream your project's Stackdriver logs in to you command line. This latest feature is available from

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TU17: Enhancing the Google Apps Script Developer Experience with clasp and TypeScript

Our next episode of Totally Unscripted will be on Friday 05 October 2018 6pm GMT where we will be joined by Grant Timmerman one of the developers of the Google Apps Script command line interface tools, clasp.

Grant will provide an overview of clasp and looking at the new TypeScript integration. TypeScript has been developed to support the development of large-scale applications. Using TypeScript with your clasp project can allow you to use TypeScript features such as: Arrow functions; Optional structural typing; Classes; Type inference; and more.

In this episode we will also have a guest appearance from +Riël Notermans who will show how you can develop Google Apps Script projects with clasp/TypeScript on ChromeOS devices.

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Recording of TU16: Data Studio Community Connectors

If you missed our last episode of Totally Unscripted where we were joined by Ben Collins talking about Data Studio Community Connectors the recording is available.

Ben has a blog post that covers everything in the show including code snippets

For additional links

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TU16: Data Studio Community Connectors

In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by +Ben Collins who will be talking about Data Studio Community Connectors. Data Studio Community Connectors enable direct connections from Google Data Studio to any internet accessible data source. Community Connectors are coded in Google Apps Script and Ben will talk about what they are, why you might want to build one and how to get started.

We hope you can join us on Friday 21 September at 7am PDT/10am EST/2pm GMT/7.30pm IST

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Totally Unscripted is back with a Google App Maker Q&A

We are back on Friday 6 July 2018, 1500 GMT (1100 EDT/1700 CEST) for an App Maker Q&A. This session is an opportunity to ask our panel of experts all of your burning App Maker questions. To ask a question leave on the YouTube video or add to this Google Doc .

About App Maker
Google App Maker lets you build powerful apps for your business, fast. App Maker is now included with G Suite Business and Enterprise editions, as well as, with G Suite for Education. With templates, drag-and-drop UI design and declarative data modeling it makes it easy for IT developers and enthusiasts to build apps that empower your teams.

Our Panel
+James Ferreira
+Spencer Easton
+Steve Webster
+Martin Hawksey (host)

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We are back for Totally Unscripted this Friday at 3pm GMT where we'll be unpicking the new Google Apps Script Manifest files which can be used to control dependencies (including libraries and advanced services); more selective scopes; version deployment and more.

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If you missed the last episode of Totally Unscripted this detailed run through of Google Sheets Developer Metadata by +Bruce Mcpherson is essential viewing if you are developing code/add-ons for Google Sheets. This can be used to reference locations of sheets, rows, columns and cells even if the sheet name and structure changes, so that even if the target changes position, you can still find it.

For all the code and additional resources visit

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Join us for the next episode of Totally Unscripted where we'll be reviewing recent Google Apps Script and related developments. As part of this +Bruce Mcpherson will be proving an introduction to Google Sheets Developer Metadata, which can be used to abstract locations in a sheet (for example a "TOTALS" column), so that even if the target changes position, you can still find it. YouTube Live chat will be open and we'll share a link for the Hangout On Air just prior to the show.

To add to your calendar visit
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