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Will You Make It!!!

Post has attachment | February 9th, 2013 marked the first official Marcello Margott Clinic at one of Southern California’s finest paintball parks, Total Combat Paintball (TCP) in Chula Vista, California.  Here’s what Marcello of the Los Angeles Ironmen had to say after the event:

“Well, its safe to say my first clinic of the year was a success. Had the chance to meet some amazing field owners that in my opinion, are exactly what this sport needs if we want to grow. Diana J Ocampo and her business partner Julio at Total Combat Paintball are true ambassadors of our sport. Their mission is to generate as much new interest in paintball as possible and I fully support them and their field. It was a pleasure working with people who truly care about the growth of paintball as a community as much as I do. I can’t wait to play there again.

The morning started with greetings and small talk while we all geared up. All the kids seemed very excited, and very happy to be there playing paintball, I always love that. It’s amazing to see all of this talent around the globe, visualizing what could one day emerge from the raw talent of some of my students.

One of the kids was 12 years old, his name was Andrew and I can’t say enough about him. He reminded me of myself when I was 12, totally submerged into the sport of paintball and its fascinating journeys during those moments on the battle field. He was fearless and always wanted to be the first to go in any of my drill exercises. Another kid was recovering from a knee surgery to have a unexpected tumor removed. His enthusiasm and dedication kept a smile on my face all day as he put in the maximum amount of effort in each and every lesson. I don’t want to leave anyone out, because all of the kids were more than awesome, but these two really stood out.

After going through a series of drills, exercises, and situational lessons I had a chance to play some points with everyone for fun to finish out the day. We all just mixed in and played games street ball style. I had a blast, it was definitely one of my more memorable clinics just due to the fact that I was surrounded by such good people. I look forward to working with TCP and playing at their field in the future.” – Marcello Margott #33

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Total Combat Paintball presents Marcello Margott paintball clinic this Saturday, February 9, 2013 at our field. #sandiegopaintball   #marcellomargott   #sandiegopaintballcamp  

San Diego Paintball Camp - Marcello Margott Paintball Clinic

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Join the fun at the Best San Diego Paintball field Total Combat Paintball

San Diego Paintball - Best Paint Ball Field - Paintball Park

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