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Tosyn Bucknor

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#Throwback to last weekend which was great for me. Not because i dressed like a cowboy, but because i had lunch with (new) friends (by force) and met with the CEO of @EbonyandIndigo.

Read all about it-

#ThrowbackThursday #Blogged #Food #Weekend #WeekendsAreForMeetings #CowboyChic #EverydayStyle #Chic #TBT
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Gud looking
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Tosyn Bucknor

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Tosyn Bucknor

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#RedCarpetFab last month. Love how these looks were placed together... #StyleTwins
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Tosyn Bucknor

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As with school, so with life.

With the cool kids, the bullies, the misfits and the we-fit-in-everywhere-but-belong-nowheres...

#365DaysOfThought #365Thought

#AsWithSchool #SoWithLife #CoolKids #Bullies #Misfits #School #Schoolnalogy
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Audu can I hv ur phone contact pls

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Tosyn Bucknor

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Noone likes being taken for a fool and these days on social media, it is possible to fall for that trap- following an impersonator.
How can you ensure you are following the right person?
1. Verification.
This is of course the best and easiest way.
2. Google their handles.
Frequently when i want to follow a public personality, i google their name and 'twitter' or 'instagram'. You are more likely to get the genuine handle that way.

3. Check their followers and following.
Who is this handle you are checking out following? Fellow confirmed / verified celebs? And who is following them? Note that spam accounts sometimes use names of popular people to get attention but you can tell who is genuine by who follows them.

4. Check their posts.
If they are tweeting links to random things, it probably is not them. Check what they post and say before you follow!

5. What are they asking for?
Come on people. Do not pay someone who asks for cash for anything suspicious, eg auditions, label signings, prayers etc.
This list is NOT exhaustive ; s.h.a.r.e what you look out for with me.

In conclusion though, the golden rule is to always shine your eye!!!

#TosynsTip #ShineYourEye #HowToSpotSpamAccounts #Follow #Instagram #Twitter #Facebook #SocialMedia #Tip
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Nice one
Learn smtin again 
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Tosyn Bucknor

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MTV Base has announced Trevor Noah as this year's MAMAs host. Read all about it, plus who i think will win in each category in today's post-

#RoadtoMAMAS #TrevorNoah #Drake #Award #TosynsBlog
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Tosyn Bucknor

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That time +Nickelodeon Africa​ brought me a birthday surprise! Check out my snapchat "TosynBucknor" to see what is in the box!!!

@Regrann from @nickelodeon_africa - We surprised @tosynbucknor at Top Radio 90.9 to deliver her own #NickBirthdaySurprise brought to you by @dominosng & @coldstonecreamery_nigeria.

Click here to register for yours
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Wsh u more years ahead wt joy nd prosperity
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Tosyn Bucknor

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Question- what is the ONE question you would ask if you bumped into your crush today?
I'm on air- +Top Radio 90.9 
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I would ask if I was dreaming, it's really cool though. 
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Tosyn Bucknor

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So, how firm is your handshake? Lol. Ever actually thought about it?
Do you know when you meet people and shake hands, you communicate fear, confidence, interest or dismissal?
Master your handshake so when you shake hands you are basically declaring you are warm, friendly and ready for business.

Make it firm, time it so it lasts just about right and depending on the culture, smile and then let go. (In some cultures, eye contact is limited so do check ahead).

So, how good is your handshake on a scale of 1 to 10?

#TosynsTip #BusinessTip #Career #CareerTip #MasterYourHandshake #BeFirm 
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Tosyn Bucknor

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Tosyn Bucknor

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#Pioneers fascinate me.

The idea that someone did something noone else was doing. LIke the first man to walk on the moon.

Or did something people did already, but in a different way. Like Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines).

Successful pioneers may suffer (no blue print to follow, people mocking and discouraging you or downright trying to stop you, taking that gamble etc...) but when you are the first to do something well, your name is going to be written in history books... (Read more in today's #blogpost - )

#SuccessfulPioneers #Monday #Motivation
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Tosyn Bucknor

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MAMAs 2016: Nominees and Host... and My Predictions
MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) has announced its host and nominees for 2016 and it looks interesting! The event is set to hold on October 22, 2016 at the Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg, South Africa. This year's host is Trevor Noah, the ladies darling and fun...
MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) has announced its host and nominees for 2016 and it looks interesting! The event is set to hold on October 22, 2016 at the Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg, South Africa. This year's host is Trevor ...
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Morning Radio Host at Top Radio 90.9 / Freelance Television & Red Carpet Host / Fashion,Hair & Beauty Blogger/Youtuber. Podcast Host / Singer-Songwriter
Writing, Talking, Thinking, Planning, PR, Strategy, Acting, Presenting, Hosting, Directing,
Basic Information
Other names
Tosyn Bucknor, Tosin Bucknor, Area, CON.tra.diction, abisona, SPEECHgirl
Tosyn Bucknor aka "The Voice of Lagos" and the "Areaaaa Boss". Music stage name is "CON.tra.diction"
Tosyn Bucknor is a morning show radio host working at Top Radio 90.9. 
Tosyn studied Law at the University of Lagos, and the Nigerian Law School but she had always been attracted to writing, talking, acting, singing and more.

In university, Tosyn famously wanted to quit and start a band but she stayed put and instead joined a band and an entertainment company known as atunda ENT.

After University, Tosyn attended the Nigerian Law School and then served at ACMGS Elelenwo, a secondary school in Port Harcourt where she taught Literature-In-English and English Language.
After that, she came back to Lagos and began blogging, writing, and working in the media and entertainment circles. She also recorded a couple of songs.

She began working at Top Radio 90.9 where she currently handles the morning radio show known as 'Top of the Morning' with a popular segment known as the 'Areaaaa show'.
She is a top Radio Presenter, Host, Personality and Dj in Nigeria,

Apart from radio, Tosyn also works on television.
She currently co-hosts the chatshow, '3 Live Chicks' with Oreka Rhecks Godis and Anita Omaliicha. Season 1 featured Toke Makinwa.
She also currently works with Ebony Life TV as a Lagos correspondent, the 'fish out of water'.
She has co-hosted several shows on television, across several platforms and hopes to do more.

Tosyn also acts. She has a recurring role on 'Tinsel', playing a character known as 'osa'. She also recently appeared on an episode of 'Now we are married'.
She is an aspiring film maker with so many ideas bubbling in her head that she is determined to put to paper and see come alive from this year.
Watch out Spielberg!

As a writer, Tosyn writes for blogs, magazines, newspapers, websites, apps, television shows and more.
She has contributed scripts for several shows like
- My Mum and I
- Citi Sistas
- About to Wed
- 5Ive

She has also worked on various reality shows in writing or content director capacities or both. She has worked on
- Apprentice Africa
- Amstel Malta Box Office (seasons 2 to 5)
- Nigeria's Got Talent
- Gulder Ultimate Search

She has also provided the voice for Amstel Malta Box Office Season 5

Tosyn writes, sings, records and performs music as CON.tra.diction.
As a recording artiste and singer-songwriter, she has worked with artistes like Skales, Rooftop MCs and Eva, as well as producers like Tintin, Coldflames, Dj Klem, Knighthouse, Micworx and Cobhams.

She recently released her first album, 'Pop Rock Soul Jara' and is pushing her videos and more.

Tosyn is one of the most popular radio presenters / personalities / hosts in Nigeria and is the only female handling a morning show by herself.
She has been nominated for, and won several awards including The Future Awards, Nigerian broadcaster's Awards, Exquisite Lady of the Year awards and more.

She runs a sickle cell project known as 'These Genes' because of her passion for sickle cell.

Tosyn is a bundle of contradictions.
As she says it, she is a young girl with an old mind, a tomboy who likes to dress up, a black girl who loves rock music, a leo (natural leader) who likes to follow (last born syndrome), an extroverted introvert, and so on!

Bragging rights
Tosyn survived secondary school as the shortest girl in her set! She is also the only girl handling a morning radio show on her own in Nigeria! Sickle Strong! And she just hit the seventy thousand plus mark on google plus! Yay! Plus, I got shout outs on two MI Abaga albums
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