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Flowing Torus
Alright, I had to search this for myself since my son asked me multiple times about this fun thing called toroflux

So what is a Toroflux?
Toroflux is a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture and an interactive "flow toy" that's like a 4th dimensional "slinky". Folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone. Show that to a 7 year boy and voilà he will ask 1M questions in a single minute.

It is a long ribbon of spring metal wrapped into a coil, except instead of coiling into a helix, as most springs do, this one coils through itself. It coils again and again, for the entire extent of the ribbon, where it is finally joined to the other end, creating a single loop of metal ribbon. Because the loop is passed through itself many times, the resulting shape is non-trivial in the knot-theoretic sense; it takes the form of a torus knot.

Source for the info and picture:

If you want to purchase a toroflux:
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We have these as skill toys in the circus.
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Torsten Adair

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This, and cream cheese rosettes, are traditional and expected gifts at most weddings along the Missouri River Valley.

Usually, the set belonging to grandparents is handed down, although it is also given by the youngest member of the bridal party (and his/her family if the child is very young) to ease the burden of gift giving decisions.

The origins? Sometime in the early 1910s. The invention spread like wildfire, and newlyweds soon received duplicates. So a simple system was created.

It is considered gauche to place this item on a wedding registry. It is the Maid/Matron of Honor's responsibility to certify that the set will be gifted. 

There are other traditions about the first use of the set. For some, it is the first meal prepared in a new home. Others wait for the first barbecue. (yes, a grill is another traditional wedding gift.)

Some invite the gift giver's family over for a simple dinner, and use the gift then to show how useful it is.

The Brandeis art deco set (inspired by the Joslyn Art Museum) is still in production, and sold by Yonkers (which acquired the Brandeis chain in the 1980s).

A sterling set autographed by Nebraska coach Tom Osborne sold at charity auction for $33,000. The governors mansion in Lincoln contains a small collection of sets, which are on display from the Nebraska Historical Society.

H/T to Mimi Pond. 
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Torsten Adair

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"The absolute best thing about library school is your peers. You will all have a Leslie Knope-ian intensity about something. It may be Star Wars, hockey, astrophysics, or that damn rock wall, but everyone brings some kind of obsession to the table. There is sure to be someone who will be a little too into board games. People will regularly discuss Weasleycest and Tami Taylor’s hair at parties, because if there’s one thing librarians get, it’s an enthusiast. We are all punk-ass book jockeys, and we want you to read our favorite book. And then maybe we’ll break down the Library of Congress Subject Headings afterwards."
Allison R. on how library school is actually exactly how you imagined it to be.
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Oh so true! One of the reasons why I went to Library School. 
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Torsten Adair

Star Trek: TOS  - 
I was wondering which specific clan tartan Scotty wore....
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That text is somewhat questionable, +Serj Enoch 
If you read the link, it explains which tartan/sett he wore.
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Have him in circles
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Hey!  +Google Doodle!
Shakespeare's 450th birthday approacheth!  

"Stand not upon the order of your going,
But go at once."

#googledoodle   #shakespeare   #shakespeare450  
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Torsten Adair

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How to Talk Like Shakespeare

Instead of you, say thou or thee (and instead of y’all, say ye).

Rhymed couplets are all the rage.

Men are Sirrah, ladies are Mistress, and your friends are all called Cousin.

Instead of cursing, try calling your tormenters jackanapes or canker-blossoms or poisonous bunch-back’d toads.

Don’t waste time saying "it," just use the letter "t" (’tis, t’will, I’ll do’t).

Verse for lovers, prose for ruffians, songs for clowns.

When in doubt, add the letters "eth" to the end of verbs (he runneth, he trippeth, he falleth).

To add weight to your opinions, try starting them with methinks, mayhaps, in sooth or wherefore.

When wooing ladies: try comparing her to a summer’s day. If that fails, say "Get thee to a nunnery!"

When wooing lads: try dressing up like a man. If that fails, throw him in the Tower, banish his friends and claim the throne.
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Torsten Adair

Public Libraries  - 
Quite simple:
Explain that the twenty-five cent membership fee was already paid via taxes, and that the patron need only prove residency. Then explain the checkout limits, late fees, and the usual small print.
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Torsten Adair

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...because if he doesn't, Batgirl will get on his case!
Heroic Library Poster
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Good thing they didn't have a candy machine.

So simple, a child could do it!

If you want that iPod, borrow a toddler.

“Dang… I got the toddler.  I was trying for the Rastafarian banana.”

That stork is soooo fired.  

The latest design in playpens!  

“Hey, Cleetus!  The trap done worked! “

The mother wasn't cited, but authorities are wondering where the toddler got the fake ID he used to enter the bar.

“Damnit!  Not again!  Earl, call the exterminator!  We've got toddlers in the claw machine!”

The latest marketing promotion for redneck bars:  daycare.  Parents can come get sloshed during the day while the child is safely ensconced in the “playpen”.   

Authorities decided to check the ball pit at a nearby McDonald’s, where they found a heroin needle, three Happy Meal toys, a desiccated but edible Big Mac, and two teenagers engaged in heavy petting.

“Bartender, there’s a toddler in the claw machine.”  
“Can’t be.  I used them all in the barbecue.”

Stop me if you've heard this one…  “A toddler walks into a bar…”

“Doc… I have these recurring dreams where I’m a small child, and I’m on sale at the local Wal-Mart…”

It used to be, kids set up a sign and tried to sell their younger siblings.  I guess this works better.

“Let’s go to Dave & Buster’s.  Their claw machine has dachshunds.”

At 5 PM, the bar replaces the toddler with a go-go girl.

"The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay."

#clawmachinesareawesome   #bowlingalleys   #daycarecenter   #vendingmachine  
A 3-year-old boy somehow crawled up into a claw machine and was busy playing with the toys inside while his mother frantically searched for him.
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I would have a heart attack. That is one determined little boy. 
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