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Youtube has a new layout. Naturally, the entire internet flips out and calls it ugly and full of whitespace.

For reference, Google+ and Google Search all have the same design. Its a bit late to complain now. No sympathy for you.
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Nobody uses desktops anymore. Tablets FTW, right?
Nah, it is only lame because youtube used to be centered. Aligning it to the left makes it look super ugly on widescreen monitors. Also, Google+ is hideous.
Lots of people still use desktops. Namely, people who try to be productive with computers. I think that equates to roughly "the population of earth".
People complained before as well. While I think it looks better and more in line with other Google products, I feel a bit of usability has suffered. The removal of the video-dropdown above a playing video, in particular, is what irks me. I can't see any of the user's other uploads without stopping and going to a separate page. :( My desktop resolution is only 1366x768, so I don't personally have too much whitespace/centering problems (except with G+, but I found an extension to fix that).
I still bitch that they took away my google video account and made it a youtube account :P 
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