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My sash says "Ultraman"!
My sash says "Ultraman"!

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This is pretty sexy.

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Copenhell teaser featuring a Gakken EX system. I had one of those when I was a kid.

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This is on Hans Zimmer playing the organ, as the title may imply, but Zimmer and Nolan relating about how a part of the score for Interstaller was written.
Really amazing stuff.

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There's a thread on forums that tallies body count for various TV shows. It's quite interesting.

It turns out that serial killer Dexter Morgan is seen killing a total of 11 people during the run of the 96 episodes of the series[1] (though it is implied that his total count i significantly higher than that), while Det. James Crockett racks up an impressive kill count of 154 over the course of 112 Miami Vice episodes.


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Another fantastic cover of one of my favorite songs.

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My daughter turns two today, so this is appropriate.

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These guys kick so much ass.
I hope there's still time for the Danish government to reverse their decision on taxing EVs and make the Model 3 attainable for regular people.

Sometimes it nice to debug some exotic problem on a very cheap, and therefore also very slow, Acer laptop, running Win8.1 and IE11, just to appreciate how far we've come.
I've become so skilled at appreciating this, that I can be done with it, and return to my natural of violent rage at how useless the IE devtools are, in under a minute now.
This morning, likely because I was already warmed up from yesterday, I succeeded in getting the appreciation time down to only a few seconds, before my knuckles were turning white and I was brave holding back tears of pure unbridled fury.
It's a personal record.

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Google definitely made the wrong choice, when they chose the current Google Home design over this prototype.
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