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Can´t stop looking for something new
Can´t stop looking for something new

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Well put.
Gotta say that I'm really encouraged by Jonathan Harris's Cowbird (slow storytelling platform). This type of approach is where curation should be heading so that our discoveries through social web interactions are serendipitous (read Steven B Johnson's latest post on "The Anatomy of an Idea"), and so that we move away from mere aggregating and filtering -- which does very little for critical thinking, among many other things.

On a larger level, this is also gets us back to the value of telling stories, and enabling storytellers to build their collective intelligence such that we drive context back into our interactions. Specifically, I'm talking about two kinds of context:

"Short Context" -> setting media as indicators of story potential for definite stretches of time (think: campaigns, premieres, applications)

"Long Context" -> setting stories as incubators of human metadata for indefinite stretches of time (think: platforms, remixes, serializations)

Lateral examples: hieroglyphics, the Dialectics, Platonean hard & soft text, Shakespearean iambic pentameter, cinema, anima, the new dialectics

Where I think the rubber meets the road in terms of information serendipity is in bridging context and intertextuality. So, where we identify common threads through the things we write and share, for example, we can build stories that have pwoerful contextual relevance in the things we care about as a civilization -- whether those drivers are cultural, business, scientific or purely artistic.

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Helt fantastisk bildeserie!

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A 3.30 portrait of the wonderful life in Provence.

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Just finished my 3-day-in-Istanbul video. With local hit music and everything.

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Viral hit fra +Eirik Solheim?

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Klassiker av Google Translate. Litt usikker på hvilken plante Wenger egentlig burde ta, men håper at alle velger rett såpe.

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